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Virtual Gin Tasting Programme Saturday 20th April 2024

Meet-the-Makers Virtually on Saturday 20th April 6pm - 8.30pm

Virtual Gin Tasting April 2024


Another month means another virtual gin tasting, and in a rare virtual gin tasting feat we are uniting all four nations of the United Kingdom!

Every month serves up something special, but could this perhaps be our strongest line-up yet? For April we are serving gin icons in the form of Basalt Rock Gin, Creed & Tide Gin, Igneous Gin, Cascave Gin and Symphonia Spirits. The aim of our virtual gin tastings is to give craft distillers a platform to share their passion, whilst allowing you to enjoy some delicious drinks and see behind the scenes of real life working distilleries that you may not have got chance to see otherwise.

Hosted by The Gin To My Tonic, each distillery / creator will open their doors LIVE and share their story to date, tasting notes, and perfect serves, entwined with distillery tours, gin making, cocktail making and fascinating gin trivia to enrich your own personal journey of gin discovery.

So sit back, pour your gin, and let us serve you a little slice of distilling heaven….

Artisan Bottleshot

The Gin To My Tonic Perfect Serves 

You might have seen that we recently announced our mixer partner for 2024 – the iconic tonic that is Artisan Drinks Co. Here’s what we recommend serving your gins with…

Basalt Rock Gin – Artisan Classic London Tonic and a garnish of Orange

Cascave GinArtisan Skinny London Tonic and a garnish of Grapefruit & Rosemary

Creed & Tide Pomegranate & Roobios Leaf Gin – Artisan Skinny London Tonic and a garnish of Grapefruit & Rosemary

Igneous Gin – Artisan Classic London Tonic and a garnish of Lemon and Blueberries

Symphonia Apple Gin – Artisan Classic London Tonic and garnish of Apple & Rosemary.

Inspired By The Iconic Giant’s Causeway - Basalt Distillery

Giants Gin

For Basalt Distillery, the Giant’s Causeway located in Northern Ireland is at the heart of everything they do. This fabulous distiller, winner of Best Newcomer in our 2023 Awards, sees their bottle, liquid and story all deeply rooted in the hexagonal shaped rocks formed millions of years ago. Distilling to Basalt is a blend of art and science, a balance of the rational and the emotive. They take their heritage and combine it with their understanding of the science of making gin.

On the north coast of Northern Ireland lies the iconic Giant’s Causeway. It’s this 60- million-year-old miracle of geology that helps filter and purify the water Basalt Distillery draw from their own 600ft well. Once they have the purest water possible, they use state-of-the-art distilling equipment to create a gin with an impossibly complex taste and detailed flavour profile.

At 50.1% ABV you just know you are in for a treat as soon as you pop open the bottle! There’s an initial wave of citrus, juniper and coastal notes that set the scene perfectly on the nose. To taste, we were blown away, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, we will let the founders of this wonderful distillery talk you through the intricate flavour journey.

Crafted In The Crater Of An Extinct Volcano - Igneous Distillery

Igneous Gin

This must watch distillery was founded on Scotland’s most westerly mainland point. Here you will find Igneous Distillery nestled deep within the crater of an extinct volcano where from this historic land, a new spirit rises.

Inspired by volcanic rock and the water purification properties it holds, Miles & Katie wanted to release not only a bespoke spirit, but a bottle that would symbolise the history of the area they are in. Each bottle is handmade, allowing a sense of beautifully imperfect genius. Aiming to create a piece of art that which reflects the quality of the spirit that resides within.

Igneous West Highland Dry Gin is the first creation of Miles & Katie and is a distinctly clean and crisp juniper forward gin with aromas and floral heather, zesty lemon and complemented by fruity rowan berries. It’s extremely well balanced with a warming kick that leads to a long, satisfying and super smooth finish.

Igneous Bottles

What inspired you to make gin in and what do you love about the process?

Our inspiration to make gin has stemmed from a love of the spirit and its incredibly versatile nature. Meeting at University, we found ourselves in the midst of the gin renaissance in the UK and during countless social events and evenings out it was apparent that gin was becoming more and more popular. We, like so many others started with an ever growing ‘Gin Shelf’ and we regularly added to this by trying to find new an obscure gins, finding both joy in the spirit and the bottles it came in.

The obsession grew to trying to gain more knowledge on how and why so many of these gins came about, which in turn eventually fed the urge to want to have a go ourselves.

At the height of our obsession with researching the distilling and rectifying process I had a major family loss which left us at a crossroads with the potential for a new adventure. We decided to go for it and quickly found ourselves deep in the process of recipe development, distillery construction and brand design. Before long we had a place, USP, name and vision.

With regards to the process of making our gin itself, I love the intricacy of picking apart the recipe. With every new batch I make, I try to replicate the exact parameters of the previous distillation knowing that the smallest thing can alter the profile, even down to the atmospheric pressure and temperature. But most of all I think its the joy of knowing that the liquid that condenses from the vapour creating our hearts cut will make countless delicious drinks for so many fans of Igneous Gin.

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What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I would have to say the biggest challenge for me was converting what used to be my parents workshop on the remote Ardnamurchan Peninsula into the Distillery. Getting it through planning, building regulations and environmental health standards was months of headaches, breakdowns and late nights. We had to take what was essentially a tin shed full of dusty antiques and rehome, sell and remove it all before the whole place had to be rewired, new mains power feed, new water treatment system for the deep water source, new plumbing, drylining and decorating. Not to mention the logistics of getting a 250 litre smart still installed and all the required vessels and equipment for the distilling process.

I know a lot of owners say that licensing is the tricky part, but for me Id say yes it was time consuming and lots of hoops and paperwork to complete. However there is a clear structure on how to reach the end goal of being licensed. Dealing with regulations for electrical, water, fire and general construction is a mine field, one I would definitely try to avoid again.

Igneous Team

What is your favourite Gin Cocktail and how do you make it?

Personally my favourite is the Classic Negroni. I like to used equal measures of Igneous West Highland Dry Gin, Vermut Lustau Vermouth and Campari. Muddled with a block of ice and strained over a large ball of ice garnished with a wedge of fresh orange.

Journey Through the Brecon Beacons - Cascave Gin

Cascave Serve

Inspired by the secret journey that Welsh Water takes through the wild landscape into the Brecon Beacons. Carving through the mines, tunnels and caves of the Welsh wilderness, Cascave Gin delves into the stories of these mystical places captured within the minerality of the water.

Cascave Gin, a family enterprise at its core, was born over a G&T (what else?). A mother and two daughters work together to bring to life their vision for Cascave Gin, with shared admiration and fondness for the Brecon Beacons.

Cascave Premium Dry Gin is distilled using the London Dry method, cut back with water collected from a source deep within the iconic Dan Yr Ogof Caves themselves. Their botanicals are selected from the hills of the Brecon Beacons, the landscape which originally inspired Cascave, has been chosen to complement the minerality of the water – the same water that has made its way through the landscape to collect underground. Their distillers have built a taste profile that encapsulates and combines both – to stunning effect.

Cascave Serve

What is your perfect serve?

Our perfect serve for Cascave Premium Dry Gin is a classic and refreshing G&T with a twist. Start with a copa glass filled with plenty of ice, allowing the gin to chill perfectly. Pour a measure of Cascave Premium Dry Gin over the ice, followed by a quality tonic water. We recommend a premium tonic with subtle botanical notes to complement the gin’s complex flavours. Garnish with a slice of fresh lemon or a twist of grapefruit peel to enhance the citrus notes of the gin and add a touch of elegance to the presentation. This simple yet sophisticated serve allows the vibrant botanicals of Cascave Premium Dry Gin to shine, creating a memorable tasting experience.

Cascave Ladies

What do you love about Gin/Distilling?

What we love about gin is its incredible versatility and diversity. Gin is like a blank canvas that allows us to express our creativity and showcase a wide range of flavours and botanicals. From classic London Dry Gins to more adventurous and innovative expressions, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the world of gin, such as their unique Cave Aged Gin. Gin offers a wide range of flavour profiles, from classic juniper-forward gins to more contemporary and innovative botanical blends. It’s a spirit that can be enjoyed in so many different ways, whether it’s in a classic G&T, a refreshing gin cocktail, or sipped neat to appreciate its complex flavours. Gin also has a rich history and tradition, with each distillery bringing its own unique story and expertise to the craft. We love how gin brings people together, like it has done with myself, Mum, Julie and my sister, Heidi, sparking conversations and creating memorable experiences with every sip.

Cascave Cocktail

Do you have any exciting plans for the rest of 2024?

We have a lot of exciting plans in store for the rest of 2024! We’re constantly striving to innovate and expand our offerings, whether it’s through new product launches, collaborations with other brands, or engaging events and experiences for our customers. We’re also focused on growing our presence in both local and international markets, sharing our passion for craft gin with enthusiasts around the world. Additionally, we’re committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, exploring ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. Overall, we’re looking forward to an action-packed year ahead, filled with creativity, growth, and plenty of gin-inspired adventures!

Capturing The Essence of Life - Symphonia Spirits

Apple Gin Close Up 1

Starting his life in organic chemistry and after spending many years studying the structure of molecules and Ric decided he wanted to change his career to his other passion, food and drink.

Having had an impressive career in the pharmaceutical industry, Ric began applying his understanding of molecular science to gin – a drink originally invented by chemists. He is aiming to reduce the company’s impact on energy and the earth’s natural resources. In reality, it means harnessing science with nature to create the best tasting spirits possible, capturing the wonderful flavours and fragrances of botanicals in the most eco-efficient way.

The distillation process involves a delicate dance of selecting the finest ingredients, ensuring that every Bramley apple is ripe and bursting with flavour. As the apples are artfully blended with juniper and other botanicals, the result is a balanced yet complex profile that is both refreshing and full of character.

Symphonia’s Irish Apple Gin is a celebration of the natural beauty and flavours that Ireland has to offer. With its harmonious blend of crisp apples, botanicals, and the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle, it’s a truly exceptional spirit that invites you to experience the symphony of flavours in every sip. Elevate your gin journey with Symphonia’s Apple Gin and let the symphony unfold on your palate.

Symphonia Apple Cocktail

What made you want to start a distillery?

I spent 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a research and development chemist leading teams and discovering new medicines. As a keen foodie I was always interested in food and drink and I wanted to do something different and have a career change into something to do with food or drinks.  This was six years ago and coincided with the rise of artisan gin, when I looked into the manufacture of gin it was clear there was a much more efficient way to make gin using modern technology. The technology to extract flavours from botanicals using vacuum distillation is already used to make some gins but when you couple that to use of microwave technology it has revolutionised the production of gin and other rectified spirits.  The process I have developed only uses a tiny percent of the energy of a pot still.  When you consider at least half if not more of the carbon footprint of a bottle of gin comes from the heat of distillation this is a massive step forward for the industry. So in 2019 we entered our spirits into three prestigious competitions, the IWSC, the Irish Gin Awards and the Great Taste awards.  We were pleased to be scored 93% in the IWSC narrowly missing a Gold, we scored Two Stars in the Great Taste awards meaning it is outstanding above and beyond delicious and we won the Champion of Champions at the Irish Gin awards – the best gin across the whole of Ireland.  This was important validation as all the judges said our gin we as good as or better than our peers.

These results gave us the confidence to open our distillery.

Apple Gin Close Up 1

Do you have any exciting plans for 2024?

Because of our low energy production process we will be expanding the Symphonia brand into new markets where consumers are looking for products with true sustainability credentials to do their bit to combat climate change.  This includes Scandinavian countries and California.  We will also be seeking to licence the technology we have developed to the big gin producers because the energy savings are massive and would make a serious contribution to the net carbon zero target by 2050.

Symphonia Range

Do you have any new products in the pipeline?

We brought out a prototype Damson Gin before Christmas and that sold well so we will look to bring that out in the Symphonia colours.  Our ethos is to showcase local ingredients so we are always on the look out for new ingredients from the area so we are happy to hear from suppliers who have a sustainable supply of ingredients.

Hard Work, Spirit & Soul - 793 Spirits

Creed & Tide Rope

Set on Holy Island just off the coast of Northumberland (also known as Lindisfarne) you will find 793 Spirits.

Founded in 2017 by Andy and Molly, an epiphany in a pub garden has led them to opening a shop, distillery and bar all on Holy Island. It’s also resulted in a total rebrand, going from Holy Island Gin (their original name, which some of you may well remember) into Creed & Tide.

So why the rebrand? After the whirlwind that 2021 was, the team decided they did not fit their former name & the expectations it brought them. Proud to be young, chaotic & ambitious disruptors – they needed their brand to reflect that! So, in 2022, they changed their brand name & launched a new gin – you guessed it Creed & Tide.

Their journey started with their 100L still ‘Mona’, then progressing to a larger to 250L still in 2019, ‘Aila Rose’ who still does a top job of distilling their spirits today! This includes this month’s featured gin, Creed & Tide Pomegranate & Rooibos Gin. Distilled with Pomegranate & Rooibos Leaf, this gin is rich & sweet with bright flavours. Like its namesake, a temptress of maritime folklore, enchanting & indulgent. Enough to lure you in. Garnish with a wheel of lemon and a scattering of Pomegranate seeds.

Creed & Tide Wave

Would you ever consider experimenting with other spirits such as Rum?

Funny you should ask about rum, as the cat is out of the bag – we will be releasing our first rum in the coming weeks! Last February, we distilled Batch 1 of ‘The Guffy Curse Island Rum’, using molasses, coconut, vanilla & other good stuff! It’s been aging away in virgin oak casks, hidden in the back of our distillery. We cracked the cask over the last couple of day for its final tasting, so once we’ve dotted our I’s & crossed our T’s, it’ll be released into the world! We decided to produce a rum because not only are we rum lovers ourselves, but it’s the drink of our island & the islanders throughout history. Rum has a long & exciting maritime history, as does Holy Island & we wanted to bring the island spirit back to the island! We named it ‘The Guffy Curse’ after an old wife’s tale passed down from generation to generation on the island about fisherman seeing ‘P-I-Gs’ before hopping on board & subsequently periling at sea. To this day, the word ‘P-I-G’ is never muttered on the island, instead we use the word ‘Guffy’!

Creed & Tide Collection

How long did it take you to finalise your Pomegranate & Rooibos Leaf Gin recipe?

As much as we would love to say that we had a team of scientists working away for months & months to come up with the perfect flavour combinations, unfortunately we can’t. Our method for coming up with new recipes normally consists of one of us going ‘wouldn’t it be cool to distil a gin with X in?’ & we work outwards from there! For our Pomegranate & Rooibos Leaf gin (lovingly known as Siren), Andy with a pint in hand said, “Pomegranate is a bit fun & unusual, let’s try that”, so we sat & listed a whole load of botanicals that would pair deliciously with Pomegranate & create the flavour profile that we wanted, picked our favourites & distilled them! Luckily, we didn’t need to do too much tweaking, so really our recipe only took a week or so to finalise!

793 Still

What is your favourite product from your range and why?

Our original Creed & Tide Gin will always have our hearts, but our Lime & Sea Salt is something a bit special! We decided on the flavour as we’re both massive Tequila & Margarita fans. We did wonder whether these flavours would work in a gin, but we are glad to say they did! We distil with loads of fresh lime, coconut & other botanicals then we add a pinch of Holy Island Sea Salt afterwards. There’s someone who lives on Holy Island, who pumps sea water from our shore & organically dries it out to be left with beautiful, untouched sea salt, so it was meant to be! Keeping it at 57%, Hold Fast packs a flavour punch but with the addition of sea salt, it’s oh so smooth! Distilled on an island, with lime & coconut, octopus on the bottle, navy strength AND sea salt – you couldn’t get a more nautical gin if you tried!


Reading 20th April 2024
Manchester 26th-27th April 2024
Shrewsbury 27th April 2024
Swansea 4th May 2024
Nottingham 18th May 2024
Faringdon (Oxfordshire) 7th-8th June 2024
Dumfries 14th-15th June 2024
Bury St Edmonds 15th June 2024
Newcastle 22nd June 2024
London 5th-6th July 2024
Christchurch 13th July 2024
Salisbury 13th July 2024
Truro 20th July 2024
Cardiff 26th-27th July 2024
Perth 16th-17th August 2024

Aylesbury 31st August 2024
Swindon 6th-7th September 2024
Winchester 14th September 2024
Selby 21st September 2024
Ipswich 21st September 2024
Dublin 4th-6th October 2024
Bournemouth 12th October 2024
Bristol 12th October 2024
Glasgow (Autumn) 25th-27th October 2024
Aberdeen 15th-17th November 2024
Brighton & Hove 30th November 2024
Bexhill-on-Sea 30th November 2024
Chester 7th December 2024
Buxton 7th December 2024
Cheltenham 14th December 2024

Birmingham 1st February 2025
Sheffield 8th February 2025
Edinburgh 28th February – 1st March 2025
Liverpool 8th March 2025
Glasgow (Spring) 28th-30th March 2025

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