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How To Make A Strawberry Gimlet

Strawberry Gimlet

This quick and easy strawberry gimlet makes the best fruity drink! This cocktail is easy to whip together in just a few minutes and we’ve used our very own Yuzu & Schezuan Pepper Gin to add depth of flavour. You can use any premium London Dry Gin as the base.


– 50ml Gin
– 25ml Strawberry Syrup
– 25ml Lime Juice

Once you’ve got your ingredients;

1. Muddle the strawberries in the bottom of the cocktail shaker before adding all of the ingredients
2. Shake until chilled (10 secs)
3. Double strain into a champagne coupe
5. Garnish with a lime and strawberries

You can re-create this with a gin of your choice, but we opted for our Yuzu & Schezuan Pepper Gin due to its unique character. To describe, on the nose juniper, tantalising citrus and seductive spice come through giving you hints of what’s to come. To taste waves of citrus rush to greet you, the yuzu is powerful, with the orange, lemon and lime adding depth. Piney juniper makes itself known, along with subtle herbs providing balance.

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