Zymurgorium Quince & Jamaican Ginger Gin Liqueur


Vendor: TGTMT

Try this QUINCE-tessential  gin liqueur and discover the spice of life!

Enjoy apple and mango with hints of lemon, followed by the spice of the ginger which grows sip by sip.

A year round treat to add to your cocktails or winter warmers.

ABV: 20%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Quince and Ginger

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Quince and Ginger, two aromatic botanicals which perfectly compliment each other within this refreshing blend.

The quince distinguishes itself with the delicious spiciness of Jamaican ginger.

A perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Try with a Fever-Tree Indian tonic or as a winter warm with rum or whisky!