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Yuzu & Schezuan Pepper Gin



70cl 45% ABV

Introducing our limited edition Yuzu & Schezuan Pepper Gin in collaboration with Brentingby Gin.

Born out of friendship this artisanal creation promises to take you on a journey of gin discovery, expertly pairing the British countryside with oriental citrus and spice.  The Yuzu & Schezuan Pepper mirror a friendship, both bringing something totally unique to the table, but also blending together with ease to create something rather special.

The result is a gin with urban sophistication and charm, and the depth and love of a true friendship.


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Nose – Juniper, tantalising citrus and seductive spice.

Taste – Waves of citrus rush to greet you alongside piney juniper, with subtle herbs providing balance.

Finish – A lingering dry spice that continues to develop the more you drink.

Serve – Keep things classic with an Indian Tonic and a slice of Orange. There’s plenty of flavours to savour.

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