Wooden Moose Caramelised Banana & Peanut Butter Spiced Rum


Vendor: TGTMT

The rich and distinct taste of luscious bananas combined with creamy peanut butter has propelled this flavour to the top of the charts, making it the best selling choice. A subtle yet skilful blend of citrus and spices adds depth and complexity to the overall flavour profile, creating a perfect balance that makes it an excellent choice for mixing with your favourite drinks.

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 50cl

Botanicals: Banana, Peanut Butter

Delivery Timeline: 3 - 5 Working Days

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Pairs perfectly with Cola or Ginger Ale


Standing tall at 12ft, the winged wooden moose serves as the guardian of the road that leads to the brand HQ. Abandoned after a music festival in 2018, this majestic creature has been steadfastly watching over the surrounding farmland ever since.

Much like the distinctive character of their rum, the moose is larger than life and anything but ordinary. With its enduring legend, the brand has incorporated the wooden moose into their iconic branding and throughout their range of delicious rums, allowing the spirit of this mighty creature to live on in every glass.