Victory Vodka


Vendor: TGTMT

Distilled With Unroasted Green Coffee

Victory Vodka is made using a previously unexplored botanical: unroasted, raw, green coffee beans.

This amazing flavour was discovered with the help of coffee expert, Rob Dunne. Ethically sourced seasonal green coffee and cold-distil this highly aromatic raw ingredient at 45°C under vacuum to extract the light, savoury aromatics of this unique botanical.

Carefully select green coffee that fits in with the desired flavour profile. Though bean of choice will change due to availability, Victory Vodka remains consistent in style.

This is something new, an expression of coffee’s natural essence, but not a coffee flavoured product.

Enjoy Victory Vodka with loads of ice, sparkling water and a slice of lime; or try a Victory Vesper combining Victory Vodka with Victory Gin.

ABV: 41.30%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Unexplored Botanical; Unroasted and Green Coffee

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Distilled With Unroasted Green Coffee