The Dundee Gin Co. Marmalade Gin Liqueur


Vendor: TGTMT

The Marmalade Gin Liqueur boasts a delectable jammy sweetness, characterized by the robust Seville marmalade notes and delicate floral vanilla undertones. The gin liqueur has a unique blend of flavours, with rich citrus notes and a hint of warming sweetness, creating a delightful taste experience.

ABV: 26.5%

Bottle Size: 50cl

Botanicals: Marmalade

Delivery Timeline: 3 - 5 Working Days

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The marmalade flavour is the dominant scent on the nose, accentuated by the richness of the gin liqueur. Its zesty and sweet aroma is sure to entice anyone who loves a citrusy and fruity drink.

Suggested Mixer: Versatile and works with anything, lemonade, tonic, prosecco, ginger ale

Cocktail Suggestion: Cosmopolitan or Margarita twist