Sweet Potato Moonshine


Vendor: TGTMT

Sweet Potato Spirit Company, only use only the best sweet potatoes in their moonshine. Their rich orange flesh gives a silky smoothness that has to be experienced to be believed and bolsters a heady mix of vanilla, warm peach and apricot skins with a smack of golden caramel to finish.

Awarded Silver at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2016

ABV: 42%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Vanilla, Warm Peach and Apricot

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A silky smooth experience that delivers vanilla, peach and apricot with a delicious caramel finish. Moonshine packs a punch at 42% but it won’t burn as you sip.

Each bottle is individually numbered and finished by hand with a wax seal.

Perfect Serve

Enjoy honestly over cracked ice, or up the ante and serve one part fresh lime juice, a teaspoon of brown sugar, two shots of moonshine and a lemon zest twist.