Sweet Potato Moonshine Gift Box 4x5cl


Vendor: TGTMT

The Sweet Potato Spirit Co, each and every one of the spirits starts their journey on their Farm where they hand-pick only the best sweet potatoes.

Once back at base, an expert distilling team combine those methods passed down through the generations along with our clever modern techniques and using copper pot stills that could tell a story or two – to unlock flavours more than a hundred years in the making. These aren’t just any drinks. These are sweet potato spirits, with spirit.

The Sweet Potato Spirit Collection Gift Box is a great way to discover the award winning collection. Featuring four 5cl miniatures of sweet potato spirits; Moonshine, Toffee Apple Moonshine, Pink Marshmallow Moonshine, Chocolate Moonshine With Chilli, Raspberry Gin Liqueur, Plum Gin, Orange Gin, Lavender Gin, Spiced Rum and London Dry Gin

ABV: 22%

Bottle Size: 5

Botanicals: Vanilla, Cream, Hint of Lemon, Chocolate and Chilli

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Contains award winning Moonshine, Toffee Apple and Pink Marshmallow.

ABV range 22%-42%