Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin + FREE Surprise Miniature


Vendor: TGTMT

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin with complementary Silent Pool Copa Glass

The bright, zesty notes come from green (unripened) Seville oranges, Buddha’s hand, which releases a sherbert-lemon aroma, natsu dai dai brings accents of mandarin and lime and hirado buntan adds a grapefruit tang and honeyed sweetness.

ABV: 43%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Botanicals: Rare Citrus Fruits, Honey, Juniper,

Delivery Timeline: 2-4 Working Days

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Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin + Silent Pool Copa Glass

An innovative and alluring gin handcrafted with the world’s rarest citrus. Expertly balances bright and zesty notes of Buddha’s Hand with enticingly rich notes of Natsu Dai Dai, subtly sweetened with Hirado Buntan.