Secret Garden Limited Edition With Love Gin


Vendor: Secret Garden Distillery

Love Gin is a bouquet of roses, hand picked straight from the garden, making it the perfect gift.

Our Secret Garden gin is lovingly crafted using 100% natural ingredients. There are no additives, just nature distilled.

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Discover Secret Garden With Love Gin

With Love Gin is a bouquet of roses, hand picked from our Garden.

Hand harvested high quality Rose and Geranium petals.

Blended with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root and Winter Savoury to lovingly craft this gin.

Secret Garden Gins reflect the artistry of The Secret Garden Distillery.

The wonders of nature in developing beautifully crafted natural Gins.

With Love gin is best served with light tonic and a chocolate dipped strawberry garnish for the perfect valentine day’s serve.