Salcombe Seamist Liquid Gin Garnish


Vendor: TGTMT

Distilled and crafted in Salcombe to elevate your ‘Start Point & Tonic’ experience, this unique liquid garnish has been handcrafted with red grapefruit, coastal botanicals and Cornish sea salt to encapsulate the essence of the sea.

ABV: 60%

Bottle Size: 10

Botanicals: Red Grapefruit, Coastal Botanicals and Cornish Sea Salt

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Drawing inspiration from our coastal location and the crisp aroma of its salty sea air, ‘Seamist’ combines our expertise in developing exceptional taste with our spirit of adventure, taking your senses on a nostalgic journey with every sip.

Best served: For the ultimate ‘Salcombe Seamist’ simply pour one large measure of Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’ over plenty of ice, add three parts premium Indian tonic water and a slice of red grapefruit. Stir gently and finish with two sprays of ‘Seamist’ over the top of glass.

Aftercare: As ‘Seamist’ contains Cornish sea salt, you may notice a natural salt build up over time that may prevent the atomiser from working correctly. To prevent salt build up when not in use, we recommend unscrewing the lid and placing the end of the hose in warm water and drawing through a number of sprays to remove any build up. Continue spraying until all the warm water has been expelled.