Piston Distinguished London Dry Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

Piston Distillery’s Distinguished London Dry Gin is crafted using a traditional technique to produce a robust and enticing gin with a unique flavor profile. The gin has a touch of smoke and spice, with waves of subtle sweetness and rounded off by citrus notes

ABV: 42%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander seeds, Liquorice powder, Chinese Rhubarb root, Hibiscus petals, Burdock root powder, Grains of Paradise, Ancho Chillies, Black berries, Lemon Grass, Dolce Seaweed, Pink Grapefruit peel, Lime peel

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Piston Distillery is located in Worcestershire and has been distilling gin since 2018 at the Old Worcester Porcelain Works, situated on the banks of the River Severn. The distillery was founded by individuals who were inspired by classic engineering and an admiration for mechanics, and this influence can be seen in the design of the distillery and the unique blend of botanicals used in their gin.