One Gin Crisp Apple


Vendor: TGTMT

An orchard-fresh twist on the Original, this wonderfully crisp, award winning (Silver at The Gin Masters) fragrant gin is the perfect balance of juniper, fresh sage and crisp russet apple. Tapping into the current trend for flavoured gins, but without creating an overly sweet gin, we use the oil from the pip of the russet apple to deliver crisp apple freshness distilled as a London Dry.

Perfect serve:  A large measure of One Gin, poured over ice, topped up with a premium tonic water, garnished with fresh slices of apple and a sage leaf or two.

ABV: 43%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Apple and Sage

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A strong sage flavour takes the lead followed by the Crisp Apple notes of this gin. Paired with a tonic will enhance the flavours of sage and apple.