North 42 Gin – Rhubarb & Blood Orange Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

North42 Gin is a 100% Natural Rhubarb & Blood Orange Gin. It is an all-occasion naturally pink smooth gin which pairs well with food. The gin has 100% natural ingredients, meaning that there are no sweeteners or colourings in the gin. This gives a natural colour of the gin from the fresh ingredients of rhubarb, blood orange and botanicals.



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North42 Gin is a beautiful new gin, skilfully crafted by an award winning restaurant, acclaimed for their exquisite dining experiences. North42 not only pairs great with food, you can create delicious cocktails with it too.

Try North42 Gin firstly neat over ice with a slice of orange for a smooth taste then pair it with tonic water or ginger ale which is delicious! For an even more fantastic pairing, try North42 Gin in a glass of Prosecco or Champagne as a Gin Fizz.