Monkey 47 Dry Gin + FREE Surprise Miniature


Vendor: TGTMT

From the black forest in Germany, Monkey 47 contains 47 botanicals including juniper, lime, lemon, almond, acacia, angelica, sage, sloes, spruce, cloves, lavender, jasmine, nutmeg, cardamom, lingonberries & cinnamon Layers of harmonious flavours come together to delight the palate, with a new experience coming to the fore with every sip. From berry fruits, citrus to floral and herbal characteristic, it’s a gin with plenty of depth, complexity and one that can be partially accredited to gin becoming such the boom category it is today. A gin for every gin lovers for collection.

ABV: 47%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Lingonberries

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Monkey 47 is made from no less than 47 botanicals, all distilled to try and revive a long lost recipe.

Wing Commander, Monty Collins opened a guest house called Zum Wilden.

The Wild Monkey in 1951 in the Black Forest.

Monty distilled gin using local botanicals.

After he died the legend of the gin lived on.

But no records of the methods was found.

At the turn of the century a bottle of Max the Monkey gin was found…

A long with a letter describing the botanicals that were used.

With a 1/3 of the ingredients coming from the Black Forest.

Discover upon every sip a different flavour from the palette.

Monkey 47 is herbal, floral and citrusy.

Pairs perfectly with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.

Garnished with a slice of Lemon.