Mey Selections Gins


Vendor: TGTMT

Mey Selection Gins, distilled using botanicals from within five miles of the Castle of Mey to create a wonderful flavour.

The botanicals used include sweet cicely, which brings lovely liquorice and aniseed notes the gin, bog myrtle, giving a sweet herbal flavour and finally apple mint which is a slightly sweeter mint to taste.

ABV: 41.5%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Apple Mint, Liquorice, Aniseed and Bog Myrtle

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Mey Selections Gins, is an award-winning blend of 18 botanicals but also three herbs which grow close to the Castle of Mey. It is a great gin for a gin and tonic with a slice of orange or grapefruit peel.