Matron’s Strength Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

The Matron’s Strength London Dry gin takes the already bold recipe of Nantwich Gin to new heights, with a strength of 57% abv compared to its 40% counterpart. This elevated spirit completely transforms the drinking experience, showcasing a unique balance of botanicals and elevating the flavours of angelica root and coriander, while also enhancing the delicate florals. Served neat, this gin boasts a velvety texture that envelops the palate, delivering a truly syrupy experience.

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Matron’s Strength was developed during the tough months of 2021 to honour the bravery and tenacity of healthcare professionals across the world. A celebration of their continuous dedication, pre and post pandemic.

Deb Challinor, our sales director and co-founder, is a dedicated NHS Matron with more than 40 years in healthcare and after seeing close-up, the impact of the last few years on our health workers, we couldn’t think of a better symbol for strength.