London Essence Delicate Ginger Ale


Vendor: TGTMT

London Essence Delicate Ginger Ale is a sweetly sparkling aperitif that offers a delicious taste experience both on its own and when mixed with a top-tier spirit. The gentle liquorice taste and subtle spice of ginger create a perfectly balanced and rounded flavour profile that is sure to impress. This ginger ale is an excellent choice for pairing with premium Whisky, Scotch, or Bourbon, as it enhances the distinct characteristics of each spirit. The London Essence Company’s Delicate Ginger Ale is a standout mixer that can elevate any beverage experience, thanks to its sweet and sparkling finish and delicate taste profile.

Bottle Size: 200ml

Botanicals: Ginger

Delivery Timeline: 3 - 5 Working Days

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