Lind and Lime Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

Lind & Lime Gin is a Scottish gin produced by The Port of Leith Distillery at our Tower Street Stillhouse in Leith, Edinburgh. Our watchword in the creation of Lind & Lime was ‘Balance’.

This concept, borrowed from the world of wine, dictates that every flavour in our gin should work in delicate harmony, without a single dominant characteristic.

Indeed, we wanted to go back to the very definition of a classic London Dry Gin; a delicate balance of juniper and lime with the gentle spice of pink peppercorns.

Lind & Lime also has a strong connection to the place in which it is made; Leith, Edinburgh.

The lime focused flavour of our gin celebrates James Lind, the Edinburgh enlightenment doctor who first observed that citrus fruit prevents scurvy, and Rose’s Lime Cordial, a product first produced in Leith.

ABV: 44%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Juniper, Angelica Root, Coriander Seed, Liquorice Root, Orris Root, Lime Peel and Pink Peppercorns

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Lind and Lime Gin is a traditional London Dry gin with a juniper core.

Featuring a refreshing endnote with a sharp bite of citrus.

Pink peppercorns underpin this delicate harmony.

Dubbed Scottish excellence, this gin pairs perfectly with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.

Garnish with a wedge of lime for a perfect serve.