Kong Rum


Vendor: TGTMT

From Guatemala comes Kong Rum, a premium herbal rum, the result of blending rums aged for up to 9 years in American white oak barrels with ingredients inspired by the gorilla habitat: bamboo shoots, blackberry, male banana, eucalyptus leaves, celery, selected herbs, among others. A 100% natural rum with no additives or added sugars. Try Kong Rum, a flavour born from the earth with personality and conscience. You have to try it!

Kong Rum is a true jewel of nature that tastes of green puffs, mountain bites, humidity and rainforest freshness. It arrives in a stunning handcrafted bottle whose shape is inspired by the head of a silverback gorilla. This innovative and creative launch seeks to raise public awareness of the endangered Eastern gorilla species, with a percentage of proceeds from sales going to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

ABV: 41%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Bamboo Shoots, Blackberry, Male Banana, Eucalyptus Leaves, Celery, Selected Herbs and more!

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When pouring a glass of Kong Rum, its golden colour catches the eye. On the nose, aromas of herbs mingle with hints of spice, balsamic mint and hints of floral and woody aromas with a subtle hint of vanilla. On the palate, a herbaceous flavour is perceived with some bitter touches with distant sensations of laurel and oak that give way to a finish between oak and caramel with hints of mandarin and orange trees.