Kirkjuvagr Orkney Arkh-Angell ‘Storm Strength’ Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell reflects the boldness of their Norse ancestors, the clarity of their seas, and the purity of their air. Kirkjuvagr pronounced ‘kirk-u-vaar’ is proudly hand-crafted at Orkney Gin Distilling.

Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell maintains the integrity of Kirkjuvagr Origin but at 57% carries a remarkably powerful, yet smooth finish with notes of pine and a hint of liquorice. Arkh-Angell pairs wonderfully with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and Pink Grapefruit. Alternatively, this Navy Strength Gin is also incredible neat over ice with a sprig of mint.

See below for our recommended pairing.

ABV: 57%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Juniper, Ramanas Rose, Burnet Rose, Borage, Angelica and Traditional Orkney Bere Barley

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Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell is Orkney Distilling’s Navy Strength Gin and pays homage to the proud seafaring heritage of Orkney.

It retains the smoothness and characteristics of our original Kirkjuvagr.

But at 57% ABV, the increased strength brings new depths to its complex flavour profile.

Pair with a Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and garnish with a twist of lemon.