Jinzu Gin


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Jinzu is the marriage of British gin with the delicate flavour of cherry blossom and yuzu citrus fruit, finished with smooth Japanese sake. The liquid draws on almost 250 years of distilling heritage and expertise to craft a classically British gin with a delightful Japanese twist taking consumers on a flavour journey from west to east.

Distilled at the Cameron Bridge distillery in Scotland in a traditional copper pot still Jinzu combines typical gin botanicals with exotic botanicals from Japan. First into the still are the Juniper from Tuscany and coriander from east Europe. Next are the Japanese botanicals, yuzu citrus and cherry blossom, these are distilled up to approximately 82% ABV. The finishing touch is distilled Junmai sake which gives Jinzu it’s distinctive flavour.

Notes of juniper, zesty sweet yuzu lemon & delicate cherry blossom notes. Finishes with a creamy smooth sake body & savoury notes.

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