Jaffa Cake Rum


Vendor: TGTMT

Jaffa Cake Gin have gone and done it again, with a new partner for the classic orangey, chocolatey treat – Rum!

Jaffa Cake Rum is made with actual Jaffa cakes, alongside oranges, fresh orange peel and cocoa powder, but this time it’s been blended with Caribbean Rum!

As it turns out, this is also an ideal combination – which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that chocolate plus rum and orange plus rum are both fab flavour combos already.

See below for our recommended pairing.

ABV: 42%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Jaffa Cakes, Oranges, Fresh Orange Peel, Cocoa Powder and Caribbean Rum

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Jaffa Cake Rum

Nose: Chocolatey on the nose, followed by zesty orange bolstered by the fruit-forward rum notes developing. Subtle ginger heat and vanilla pod earthiness in the background.

Palate: Juicy orange jumps to the fore, though vanilla-rich, subtly grassy rum elements remain prevalent. Cakey sweetness balances dark chocolate, with a tangy hint of tropical fruit giving it some pep.

Finish: Almost buttery, with orange oil and mocha hints lasting long on the finish.

Overall: The flavours that rum and Jaffa cakes share are accentuated incredibly well in Jaffa Cake Rum, and they blend brilliantly together, making for an approachable yet supremely satisfying delight.

Pair with Fever-Tree Madagascan Cola and garnish with a slice of lime.