Hartingowe Sloe Gin


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Hartingowe Sloe Gin. Blackthorn, natural berries from the Harz. A little plum, a little cherry with a hint of bitter almond, really a great fruit.

When the first frost makes his presence felt in autumn, sloes are in high season. The wild plum, which belongs to the plant genus Prunus, ripens very late in the year. In order for it to develop its excellent taste qualities, it must be harvested fully ripe, usually from the end of October until late of November or even beginning of December.

The berries of blackthorn are firm, sour and quite tart. Because of the high acid and tannin content, the fruits are hardly suitable for raw distortion. However, due to the strong flavour and aroma concentration, they literally offer themselves to enter into a liaison with a good gin.

You’ll discover an array of botanicals including, freshly hand-picked sloes and spruce shoots from the Harz Mountains, Juniper from the Piedmont, Moroccan coriander, Java Cubeb, Jamaican allspice, Cloves from Madagascar, Indian calamus, Oranges from Sicily, Lemons from the Amalfi Coast, Portuguese cistus

ABV: 30%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Juniper, Sloes, Spruce Roots, Coriander, Cubeb, Allspice, Cloves, Calamus, Oranges, Lemons and Citrus

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Delicious sloes are hand-picked for the legendary Hartingowe Sloe Gin. By pickling the sloes in gin, this gets a deep ruby red colour and a unique fruity sloe flavour.

There are no added flavourings or flavouring extracts… an all-natural product…. you will love it!

Hartingowe Sloe Gin combines the premium Hartingowe London Dry Gin with the fantastic flavour of wild fresh sloe berries from the Harz Mountains. The harsh climate of the Harz gives the sloes a distinctive fruity and highly aromatic character.

Macerated in a London Dry Gin for more than 6 months, these wild berries provide their typical flavour and warm red colour to the spirit.

Our recommendations: Sloe Gin Bitter Lemon, some ice, nothing else. A dream. And, an absolute classic, the Sloe Gin Silver Fizz. The addition of egg white gives the well-known Gin Fizz a silky, smooth consistency. Here the quality of a good Sloe Gin is particularly noticeable, because in combination with egg white, the fruity sweetness and the light almond tones are perfectly integrated into the fresh side of the Fizz. A drinking pleasure beyond compare!

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