GWYR Môr-Ladron Honey Spiced Rum


Vendor: TGTMT

Môr-Ladron have created a rum celebrating the region of Gower Peninsula’s pirating past.

An exquisite rum produced in South Wales, a spiced rum infused Welsh honey. Infused with orange blossom and ginger for a sweet and warming palette.

This rum is wonderfully sweet with citrus and heating tones from the ginger.

See below our recommended pairing.

ABV: 38%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Honey, Spices, Orange, Ginger and Vanilla

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Take a trip on a pirate’s vessel with GWYR Môr-Ladron’s heritage rich rum.

Infused with Welsh honey and other botanicals to create a warming taste with sweet afternotes.

GWYR Môr-Ladron Honey Spiced Rum Tastes great sipped neat over ice or paired with lime and Fever-Tree Ginger Ale.