Pick n’ Mix Gin Baubles + FREE Christmas Stocking


Vendor: TGTMT

Gin Baubles

For decoration and now for holding fabulous gin, The Gin To My Tonic are delighted to have launched Gin Baubles to help you celebrate the festive season in style. Each set includes x 4 50ml baubles and a ‘Gin To My Tonic’ branded Gin Stocking.

What goes into your baubles is entirely up to you, as we give you a choice of any of the Gins (or Rum) within our exclusive Festival Collection.

Choose from:

  1. No.1 Yuzu & Szechuan Pepper Gin
  2. No.2 Watermelon Gin
  3. No.3 Raspberry & Mango Gin
  4. No.4 Apple & Lemon Gin
  5. No.5 Blueberry Old Tom Gin
  6. No.6 Orange & Passionfruit Gin
  7. No.7 Peach & Pineapple Gin
  8. No.8 Belgian Chocolate & Coconut Gin
  9. Raspberry & Mango Rum
  10. Folly Gin
  11. Folly Pink Gin (Strawberry & Vanilla)

Select your choices by adding the names of x 4 gins/rum to the ‘Notes Section’ at checkout.

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