G.H.Q. Scottish Vodka


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G.H.Q. was launched in December 2020 by James McNeill.  Small batch, hand crafted London Dry Gin and Scottish Vodka, distilled deep in the Scottish Highlands using water that has been filtered through the Cairngorm mountain range.  Inspired by the stories from my gran, Lena Lowe, a dispatch rider during WW2, and her three sons who served in the RAF, British Army and SAS.  G.H.Q. is a heart-felt salute to everything that we hold dear: romance, honour, loyalty, discretion and courage.

ABV: 41%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Hazelnuts and Royal Deeside Honey

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G.H.Q. Scottish Vodka Tasting Notes

NOSE: You ask too many questions.

TASTE: Think Humphrey or Ingrid.

FINISH: Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow.

Key ingredients are Royal Deeside Honey and Hazelnuts. 

International Drinks Specialists – 92 points

Bold nose with clean small grains and a touch of maltiness. There’s some soft vanilla and cocoa powder too. Creamy with a positive butter note and some minerality and herbal elements on the finish. There’s a refreshing cooling sensation turning into a nice comforting warmth at the end.

AWARDS: World Vodka Awards, Silver Medal;, London Spirit Competition, Gold Medal; International Wine and Spirit Competition, Bronze Medal; Europe Trophy Spirits, Bronze Medal

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 38 cm