Faith & Sons Spiced Rum


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Faith & Sons Spiced Rum recipe includes unique spices and botanical’s to offer a contemporary style of spiced rum. Chamomile for a dry finish, mace for a sweet and warm spicy scent, birch bark for a smoky, leathery aroma, and turmeric for a fresh spicy, and woody odour. Being rested for a few weeks in a sweet wine cask adds an extra-dimensional fruit layer of flavour to the spirit. Intense and aromatic.

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ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Chamomile, Birch Bark and Spice


Faith & Sons Spiced Rum

Former Manchester bartender and Portugal native, Filipe Sousa, founded Faith & Sons in 2015. Not only was it a natural progression from his bartending career, but it gave him the opportunity to continue working on the skills he first began honing in Germany under legendary distiller, Klaus Hagmann. Apt in its name, Faith & Sons required faith and belief as he and his family undertook a huge life-changing decision to chase a worthy dream.


Fuelled by passion and encouraged by faith, Faith & Sons’ portfolio has grown immensely since its initial flagship gin – a nostalgia evoking gin made with ingredients prominent in Filipe’s upbringing – with flavoured gins, liqueurs and rums now calling the Manchester micro-distillery home. 

Pair Faith & Sons Spiced Rum with a Fever-Tree Madagascan Cola and garnish with a slice of lime.