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Explorer’s Gin is a handmade, small batch Premium Contemporary London Dry Gin created using the one-shot method. Macerated fifteen botanicals, then vapour infuse fresh botanicals to create a spirit of distinction. Being a London dry gin means nothing else is added to Explorer’s Gin post distillation except the spring water which filters down from the New Forest and the surrounding Downs.


Nose: Citrus and floral fragrances with warming undertones of pepper with red cedar providing the backbone.

Palate: Juniper provide the initial notes, but this gives way to the bright fresh citrus which rolls on your tongue. Verbena provides a mellow creaminess, with the peppers providing the warmth at the back of the mouth. Western red cedar brings back those memories of being in a pine wood in the summer. As the szechuan pepper oil oxidises on your tongue it causes the mouth to start cool providing the subtle mint note. This then enhance the tail notes of fennel seed and liquorice providing the final flourish that lingers in the mouth.

Finish: Close your eyes and let your palate explore the subtle flavours, as Explorer’s Gin enriches your senses. Being a London dry it will leave you wanting more.


The inspiration for this gin comes from the ‘Golden Age of Exploration’ during which European ships travelled around the world discovering both new continents and trading routes.

ABV: 44%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Juniper, Citrus, Pepper and Western Red Cedar

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‘Neat or with tonic, it’s yours to explore.’


Red grapefruit peel or orange.


Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.


The glass in our bottles is using 30% recycled glassware. All our packing uses recycled card and our botanicals go to composting. You can buy refill pouches direct from us to ensure your bottle does not end up in landfill. The energy we use is now also green.

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