Dà Mhìle Oak-Aged Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

This distillery takes its unique gin to the next level by aging it in ex Bourbon barrels. After the grain whisky is bottled, Dà Mhìle Oak-Aged Gin is left to mature in these barrels for six months, allowing it to absorb some of the barrel’s flavour and colour. The result is a truly exceptional gin with a character all its own. The subtle juniper, fresh herb, and spice flavours of the gin are beautifully complemented by the sweet grain whisky tones from the barrel, creating an exciting fusion of tastes that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

ABV: 42%

Bottle Size: 70cl

Botanicals: Juniper, Fresh Herb and Spice

Delivery Timeline: 3 - 5 Working Days

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Glynhynod Farm (meaning Remarkable Valley in Welsh), the home of Dà Mhìle distillery, has been owned and run by the Savage-Onstwedders since July 1981.