Cuckoo Sunshine Casked Aged Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

Diversification has always been at the heart of Brindle Distillery, with this casked-aged expressing taking their Cuckoo Sunshine Gin and resting it for 60 days in ex-bourbon barrels.

The delicate and brief ageing process adds such a lovely extra dimension. Their Sunshine Gin is sweet to start with, given the addition of honey, and this really comes to life with hints of vanilla from the barrel.

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 70

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Cuckoo Sunshine Casked Aged Gin

Lancashire Spritz Cocktail: 50ml Cuckoo Sunshine Gin Cask Aged, 25ml Sarsaparilla Cordial, 25ml Lemon Juice, topped with Dandelion and Burdock

Method: fill cocktail glass with 50ml Cuckoo Sunshine Cask Aged, 25ml sarsaparilla cordial, 25ml lemon juice and ice. Shake hard and double strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with Dandelion & Burdock and garnish with lemon peel

Simple: Cuckoo Sunshine Gin Cask Aged served with a Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and a raspberry and mint garnish.