Crusty Juggler Black Spiced Rum


Vendor: TGTMT

Using a blend of the finest Caribbean rum with exotic spices and left to mature the precious liquid is aged in ex-bourbon whiskey casks. The resulting spirit is deep and rich with notes of sweet citrus, creamy vanilla and big ol’ helpings of exotic spice. Crafted in small batches and bottled by hand it’s finished with a wax seal and stamped with the mark of the Crusty Juggler as a sign of quality and provenance.

A premium quality rum for true rum drinkers with a love for all things spice.

ABV: 37.5%

Bottle Size: 70

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The Crusty Juggler Legend

Long ago, in the days of smugglers and pirates, there was a legend among the Cornish folk – the legend of the Crusty Juggler. In the pubs and inns across the county, sailors would tell tale of a man in rags atop the treacherous rocks of the coastline, juggling lengths of flaming driftwood with his salt-encrusted hands. Accounts varied but all agreed on one thing: once you saw the Juggler, you were hell-bound for the rocks!

But despite what many thought, the Juggler wasn’t out for blood, nor was he interested in gold, what he craved lay in barrels deep in the belly of the ships that he wrecked: the finest rum slowly-aged, smuggled from the Caribbean.

Over the years, the stories faded into legend, the legend faded into myth. But among a select few the spirit of the Crusty Juggler lives on. Some say that even now, on a stormy night when the fog rolls in and conditions are just right, you can still see his flaming driftwood rising and falling in the dark, atop the jagged rocks…