Crossbill Staghorn Sumac Gin


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Fresh Staghorn Sumac foraged in New Hampshire, flown to Scotland and infused with fresh Scottish juniper, creates a unique exceptionally dry gin with a citrus burst.

This limited edition is a celebration of the natural habitat of the Scottish Crossbill’s cousin, the North American Red Crossbill. Working in collaboration with a forager in New Hampshire, they picked fresh Staghorn sumac, traditionally used by American Indians to make pink lemonade, and infused it with fresh Scottish Juniper and Rosehip to give a unique dry citrus burst.

ABV: 46%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Juniper, Rosehip and Sumac

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Crossbill Staghorn Sumac

Tasting Notes
Exceptionally dry and unique gin with a pleasant tangy taste of citrus fruitiness. Best enjoyed neat over some ice.

Declared Style
Staghorn Sumac gin offers a floral and tangy flavour which can be paired with tonic to create a light and refreshing drink.

Crossbill products are made from natural ingredients and unfiltered, hence small amounts of sediment or fruit fibres may occur.

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