Crossbill 200 Single Specimen Dry Gin 2020 Edition


Vendor: TGTMT

A rare, special edition dry gin. Using wild Highland juniper hand-picked from a single specimen bush that is c. 200 years old. Slowly macerated with fresh rosehips then distilled in soft Scottish water. Bottled at still strength to deliver an intense concentrated dry gin.

ABV: 59.8%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Juniper and Rosehip

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Crossbill 200 Single Specimen Dry Gin 2020 Edition is a rare, special edition dry gin. Produced using the juniper of a single specimen bush, aged around 200 years old, which grows wild in the remote rugged moorland of the Scottish Highlands.

Once a year, juniper from this ancient bush is gathered by hand along with wild rosehip that grows nearby, taken to Glasgow where it is then slowly macerated and distilled in a copper pot Bain Marie still.

The result is an intense concentrated dry gin that captures an unequalled level of freshness. A tribute to a rare and magni?cent native Highland conifer.

Tasting Notes

An ultra-premium gin, distilled from a single specimen juniper bush, bottled at still strength, therefore, holding more of the essential oils from the botanicals, changing the dynamic of the gin. We suggest you serve over ice with a good quality tonic and a flamed orange twist.

Declared Style

Produced using only fruit from this ancient Juniper bush and the wild Rosehip that grows around it. Bottled at 59.8% Still Strength, the Crossbill 200 Special Edition bursts with fresh pine and juniper taste. It is the perfect expression of a rare and magnificent highland plant captured and condensed.

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