Copeland Smugglers’ Overproof Rum


Vendor: TGTMT

Smuggler’s Reserve Overproof rum is inspired by the events of 14th August 1815, when the brig ‘The Andrew Savage’ ran aground on the reef off Groomsport on its way back from Belfast Bay, Antigua. The ship was loaded with rum and newspapers reported that the Andrew Savage expected to save ‘most’ of its cargo – the remaining rum barrels ending up in the hands of happy locals!

A marriage of Barbadian heavily flavoured, pot-still rum and rum distilled in the Copeland distillery. Left to mature peacefully in Donaghadee in American bourbon first-fill barrels and Pinot Noir barrels before blending at a ratio of 50:50 bourbon to Pinot Noir.

The result is an exceptionally smooth Overproof rum, bottled at 57.2% ABV. Each batch is limited to just 600 individually numbered bottles – something special for any rum connoisseur!

This Overproof rum boasts pleasantly familiar aromas such as corner shop ice-cream and candied orange. The taste is a smooth and velvet-like experience of spiced honey, vanilla and dried fruit and can be enjoyed neat over ice with lime. Or enjoy it as part of your favourite rum cocktail.

ABV: 57.2%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: A marriage of heavy pot-still Barbadian rum and rum distilled in the Copeland Distillery

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