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Put as many Black Powder Stacking Gins (20cl each) into your cart as your heart desires, and write in the notes which flavours you would like from the below list…

Ignite your spirit with strikingly colourful Black Powder Stacking Gins – a perfect gift for all those who love gin!

With so many delicious flavours to choose from you can create your own special combination, tailor-made to suit a multitude of tastes & occasions.

The beautiful and incredibly unique 20cl collection provides a great opportunity to explore & sample gin flavours perhaps not experienced before, all of which are traditionally made in small batches with entirely natural ingredients. Discover the versatility of this exciting libation with Black Powder’s eclectic mix of fruit gins & delectable London Dry gin.

Drink them, over ice, create cocktails, pair with your favourite premium tonic, the possibilities are endless!


ABV: 37.5%

Bottle Size: 20

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Simply add as many 20cl Black Powder Stacking Gins to your cart as your heart desires – don’t forget to add which flavours you’d like in the notes at checkout. 

  • Sidelock London Dry Gin – 40% ABV – infused with 28 carefully selected botanicals including rose petals, hibiscus, chamomile, grains of paradise and cranberries. An invigorating, flavoursome and well-balanced gin of exceptional quality.
    Best served with a premium Indian tonic and slices of fresh red grapefruit
  • Lime Fortunella Gin –  37% ABV A revitalising gin bottled using 4-day-old limes from Citricola Couturier Hermanos, producer of the greatest limes in the world! The family owned farm yields the highest quality dark green fruit that burst with zesty, aromatic oils. The freshness of these delicious limes produces one of the most invigorating flavours in our fruit gin range.
    Best enjoyed with a premium Indian tonic and slices of fresh lime
  • Amalfi Lemon Gin – 37.5% ABV – Amalfi lemons possess a unique flavour that results from a combination of the volcanic soil, year-round warm temperatures, and a perfect amount of rain. Less acidic than other lemons, they possess more fragrant oils giving a sweet, aromatic flavour that makes a refreshing, mouth-water G&T
  • Wild Blackcurrant Gin – 37.5% ABV – A wonderfully flavoursome gin that bursts with the natural and genuine taste of this deliciously intense fruit. Blended for months to create a rich and delicately sweet flavour with a luscious fruity palate.
    Best served over lots of ice with a premium Indian tonic and handful of fresh berry fruits 
  • Pink Elderflower Gin – 37.5% ABV – One of the most popular flavours in the Black Powder Gin range. Made using handpicked elderflowers which are then infused with delicioulsy sweet nectarines and hibiscus to lend a refreshing citrus, floral twist.
    Perfect serve over ice with a premium Indian tonic garnished with fresh rosemary
  • Wild Elderflower Gin – 37.5% ABV – Harvested just once a year, each bottle is infused with individually hand-picked elderflowers. A delicately sweet and aromatic gin with subtle hints offloral citrus followed by the unmistakeable fragrance of fresh elderflower. Best served with a premium Indian tonic, garnished with a handful of haved green grapes and fresh mint
  • Pink Grapefruit Gin – 37.5% ABV – Crammed with delicious citrus notes, this bright and flavoursome gin is produced with the freshest Italian & Spanish pink grapefruits. Tart, tangy with a natural underlying sweetness. This vibrant and zesty combination offers a perfect alternative to a classic G&T.
    Best served over ice with a premium Indian tonic garnished with slices of fresh grapefruit.
  • English Quince Gin – 37.5% ABV – A fruity gin combining the Quince’s natural tart and sweet flavours. The overall effect isa bright and zesty gin with hints of juniper and aromatic floral notes. Best served over ice with a Mediterranean tonic.
    Garnish with a few basil leaves & fennel shavings from the bulb or fronds from the stalks.
  • Summer Bramble Gin – 37.5% ABV – Intensely rich in flavour with a beautiful, distinctive taste packed with the summer’s juicest wild berries. The fruit is selected at peaked ripeness to ensure the maximum aount of flavour, promising just the right balance of sweetness to counter the fruit’s natural tartness.
    Serve over ice with a premium Indian tonic and a handful of fresh blackberries & blueberries.
  • English Raspberry Gin – 37.5% ABV – This delicious and intensely fruity gin is packed with the juiciest, freshest raspberries selected at peak ripeness to ensure the maximum amount of flavour. A smooth, well-balanced gin that combines perfectly with an Indian tonic over lots of ice, garnished with a generous helping of fresh berry fruits.
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Gin – 37.5% ABV – A delicious combination of tangy rhubarb blended with fragrant, spicy oriental notes of ginger. A wonderful fusion that provides a lovely depth of flavour with a warming finish.
    Best served over lots of ice with a premium Indian tonic garnished with slices of fresh lemon
  • Blood Orange Gin – 37.5% ABV – Enjoy the smooth, crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun, infused with bittersweet blood oranges and blended for many months with fragrant gin botanicals to create a delicious spirit bursting with invigorating, zesty flavours.
    Best served over lots of ice with a premium Indian tonic and slices of fresh orange
  • British Strawberry Gin – 37.5% ABV – Infused with the freshest and sweetest strawberries in season to create the perfect summer partnership, sweet & fruity on both the nose and to taste with just a hint of tartness. The peppery juniper is offset well. Adding a slight kick with a pleasant dry finish.
    Serve with plenty of ice and an elderflower or Indian tonic garnished with strawberries and fresh mint.
  • Cucumber & Rose Gin – 37.5% ABV – A classic combination with a floral twist. The cucumber’s natural sweetness subtly compliments the floral and aromatic notes of English roses. An elegant, botanical mixture providing a delicate and unique taste experience.
    Serve over ice with a premium Indian tonic and garnish with hibiscus.  
  • British Damson Gin – 37.5% ABV – Meticulously handmade in small batches using an abundance of hand-picked British Damsons and our own unique and entirely natural ingredients. Each batch matured formany monthswhich gives an incredible depth of flavour with a deliciously smooth almondesque finish.
    Best served over ice with a premium Indian tonic, squeeze of fresh lemon and lemon slice to garnish. Alterntively, for a sweeter sherbet-like taste, try with elderflower tonic. 
  • Wild Cherry Gin – 37.5% ABV – Made with hand picked wild cherries from our orchards along with Montmorency and Morello cherries. Deep red in appearance and full of juicy rich cherry flavour with subtle hints of fragrant marzipan.
    For maximum enjoyment serve with a premium Indian tonc or measured amount of 100ml of cola.
  • Lancashire Rhubarb Gin 37.5% ABV – A delicious gin wit a classic sweet & sour taste. Made entirely with fresh rhubarbs which are then matured in our unique gin recipe for many months to enable all the beautiful flavours to blend. The end result produces a wonderful complex infiosn that is tart and tangy yet sweet and fruity.
    Best served over lots of ice with a premium Indian tonic garnished with a handful of fresh strawberries. 
  • Valencia Orange Gin –  37.5% ABV – Valencia Orange is the ultimate juicy fruit bursting with luscious sweet citrus flavour. Our long barrel ageing process ensures we capture all the orange’s natural fruity goodness, creating a vibrant gin that is best served over lots of ice with an Indian or elderflower tonic.
    Garnish with lots of fresh mint and slices of fresh orange.



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