BaaBaa Rum


Vendor: BaaBaa Rum

Born in Bali, Made in Wales.

BaaBaa Rum is taking a whole new direction when it comes to rum. Evolved from a “Pirate” sweet spiced rum to bring you signature smoothness, fresh tropical flavours and the taste of paradise in every glass!

Every bottle of BaaBaa is delicately hand crafted and twice distilled, ensuring you get plenty of flavour upon each and every sip!

The molasses comes in from the Bahamas ( the first “Ba” in our name).

The flavour inspiration comes from Bali (the second “Ba” in our name).

It all comes together in the heart of beautiful Wales using pure Welsh water, so how could they not end up with a “Baa Baa”?

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ABV: 37.5%

Bottle Size: 70

Botanicals: Hibiscus, Lotus root, Coconut and Honey

Delivery Timeline: 3-5 Working Days

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Taste – First and foremost BaaBaa are passionate about the quality of their liquid, so the first thing you will notice is how smooth the drink is Vs other rums in this price bracket.  Next you will pick up subtle floral notes, a wave of sweet hibiscus and lotus root, and finally a natural touch of coconut.  They don’t mask the liquid with any overpowering flavour, as with a fine wine, it’s believed true enjoyment comes from care and attention given to the finer things.

Nose – lightly spiced with floral and citrus notes.  Close your eyes and imagine you are on a tropical beach!

Appearance – Hibiscus pink.  The colour is all natural from the flowers and fruits of paradise.

Best enjoyed neat over ice, with a tonic, lemonade or even a ginger beer! Not forgetting a must have addition to any cocktail!

BaaBaa is pushing the boundaries with rum, they hope you have as much fun discovering new ways to drink it as they did making it!!