Aegean Eye Salty Lemon Gin


Vendor: TGTMT

Lemons from the island of Skyros are used in the production of Aegean Eye salty lemon gin. The lemons are hand picked by a friend of Aegean Sky, Lefteris Trakos, a native of Skyros Island.

Once ripe the lemons are hand picked and wrapped in Aegean Seaweed to keep them in perfect condition.

The citrus fruit skin and seaweed are then used in the copper still to produce the finest quality Lemon gin.

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Lemon and Seaweed

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“…Let it be said, that these
lands have been graced with
it’s mythological giants…”

The Gods blessed the Aegean Kings &
Princes of ancient Troy & Sparta with
lands of beauty.

Today its landscapes
and warm climates, have meant its fruits
and botanicals are of plenty.

The Aegean Eye Spirit Company has been able
to source & use these botanicals, which include,
Aegean Sea Salt, Lemons, Rose, Aegean Olives and hand picked almonds
to produce the finest quality Gins and Gin Liquers with flavours
that take you to a place and time
where beauty and riches are appreciated.

Every Aegean Eye Gin Bottle is individual and unique
and no two bottles are the same as each bottle has its
own hand crafted eye.

The eye symbolises a mythological curse
believed to be cast by a malevolent glare and
many cultures believe that
receiving the eye will cause misfortune
or injury.

It is said that the eye stares back at the
World to ward off the evil spirits and
keeps you safe from harm with all
cultures around the Aegean using this
eye, and attaching it to everything they
wish to protect from evil.