Abingdon Raspberry & Black Peppercorn Liqueur


Vendor: TGTMT

Fresh juicy raspberries are macerated with award-winning gin along with whole black peppercorns. This results in a vibrant gin liqueur that balances sweet & savoury creating a fruity gin liqueur like no other. Absolutely delicious on its own sipped over ice, it also pairs exceptionally well with a premium tonic water or some fizz.

ABV: 21.5%

Bottle Size: 50

Botanicals: Juniper, Raspberry and Black Peppercorns

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Tasting Notes –
Nose: Zingy raspberry & jam
Palate: Sweet & tart raspberries with piney juniper
Finish: Subtle warming & spice of the peppercorns

Signature Serve – Add 25ml to a glass of dry Prosecco or pair with Artisan Tokyo tonic water.

Gold Medal Winner – 2022 World Liqueur Awards