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Virtual Gin Tasting Programme Saturday 24th February 2024

Meet-the-Makers Virtually on Saturday 24th February 6pm - 8.30pm

Virtual Gin Tasting

We are delighted to be bringing you a Virtual Tasting EVERY MONTH and the line up for February is very exciting one indeed…

As this is the first of our monthly tastings, we wanted to bring you some gins that have been a staple in The Gin To My Tonic community such as Zymurgorium Distillery and Stag Distillery. As well as showcase some new spirits to have joined us, like Welsh Wind Distillery, Thunderflower Distillery and Raw Honey Distillery.

Hosted by The Gin To My Tonic, each distillery / creator will open their doors LIVE and share their story to date, tasting notes, and perfect serves, entwined with distillery tours, gin making, cocktail making and fascinating gin trivia to enrich your own personal journey of gin discovery.

Take part at home, either LIVE on Saturday 24th February 6pm-8.30pm, or watch at your own pace with the recording.


Artisan Bottleshot

The Gin To My Tonic Perfect Serves 

This year we are delighted to have partnered with Artisan Drinks Co. Please find below our recommended perfect serves to help you get the most out of the experience with us.

Welsh Wind Premium Dry Gin with Artisan Classic London Tonic & garnish with Orange.

Zymurgorium Syllabub Lime Gin with Artisan Amalfi Lime Tonic & garnish with Lime.

Thunderflower Orchard Spiced Apple Gin with Artisan London Tonic & garnish with Green Apple.

Raw Honey Zesty Raspberry Gin with Artisan Skinny London Tonic & garnish with Raspberry.

Stag Spiced Gin with Artisan Yuzu Tokyo Tonic & garnish with Orange.

It's Good To Walk - Welsh Wind Distillery

Welsh Wind Bottle Shot

The Welsh Wind Distillery story began with a 1000 mile walk, no honestly! Ellen & Connor decided to alleviate the frustrations of work and stresses of life by walking around the whole of Wales, a whole 1,047 miles to be precise. This walk connects together 870 miles of beautiful Welsh coast path with Offa’s Dyke, the historic border that runs from Chepstow to Chester. Although the distillery itself didn’t come to life for a few more years after their walk, this adventure was most certainly the catalyst for In the Welsh Wind Distillery.

Over the three months of their walking adventure they found time to talk, dream and believe again. Wild nights camping on beaches and cliff tops, joined together with hard miles proved to quiet and simplify their existence enough for them to see where they might go next – the spirits industry.

One of their favourite parts of running their own distillery is being able to politely close the rule book of tradition and explore the undiscovered in terms of spirit creation, which leads us to Welsh Wind Premium Dry Gin.

Oranges, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger and Tea-soaked Currants are the base botanicals in this gin, creating a sense of warmth in every sip. Very citrus oil rich, creating a beautiful, cloudy louche when tonic is added, releasing the essential oils. Dry fruit sweetness supported by juniper, citrus and a symphony of spices are all flavours to be sipped and enjoyed with this gin.

Welsh Wind Cocktails

What is your favourite creation so far and why?

Genuinely, I love everything we have on the shelves, but I have a soft spot for the Palo Cortado Cask-Aged Gin. It’s just that little bit different. I love that I can drink it neat if I’m feeling like it, but that it also tastes great with tonic in a long drink – and versatile enough for a cocktail. It tastes magnificent in a martini or negroni.

Welsh Wind Stills

How long did it take you to finalise your signature gin recipe? 

It took us 18 months to perfect the recipe for our Signature Style Dry Gin. We were determined to produce a gin that spoke of the area where we live – not just the rugged coastline and imposing hills – but something that would say something of the people that live here. We found our inspiration in the harbour town of New Quay, 5 miles up the coast from the distillery. There’s a landing tariff board still up on the New Quay harbour wall detailing what the cost was to land different cargoes – and in the list of goods, there’s tea, currants, spices… When we saw it, we immediately thought it read like a botanical profile – and, more importantly, a flavour profile that’s synonymous with Wales. While none of these ingredients are native to Wales, no self-respecting Welsh kitchen would be without them for the creation of Bara Brith and Welshcakes. Establishing the botanicals and flavour profile was one thing – it took us months to get the balance exactly as we wanted – but we’re incredibly happy with the gin that Signature Style has turned out to be.

In The Welsh Wind

What inspired you to start making gin and what do you love about distillation?

I love everything about distillation – the opportunities it gives for storytelling and for creating incredible flavour combinations. We have 2 of our own brands, but we also make a number of different gins for other brands and businesses. All these brands and businesses are individual with their own stories to tell, and we’ve been able to create a gin for every single one of them, inspired by the tales they have to tell. In terms of the practicalities of distillation, as the business has grown, I’ve become less ‘hands on’ but the magic of working with our beautiful copper stills always draws me in. We have 2 – a 200 litre still (called Afanc) and Meredith, our 50 litre still which we started with. They each have their own idiosyncrasies which make distilling days that little bit more exciting – although we know them pretty well now!

Brewing, Distilling or Why Not Both? - Zymurgorium Distillery

Zymurgorium Lime Cocktail

Zymurgorium, an interesting word! Well, this interesting Manchester based distillery created its name from an amalgamation of the word Zymurgy and also Emporium. Zymurgy is the study of scientific brewing and an Emporium is a shop that sells various items and trinkets, so with Zymurgorium selling various brews and distilled creations it kinda makes sense.

The second gin we are tasting is Zymurgorium Syllabub Lime Gin. A quintessential British dessert that was a staple throughout the 16th to 19th century’s, the syllabub was generally made from whipping cream together with sweetened wine, so why not create it with a gin?! Being such a cultural treasure the team at Zymurgorium thought this too appropriate to ignore; so set about making a gin that fits such an iconic delicacy! Full frontal lemon, lime & pine with a note of warm oats.

Zymurgorium Syllabub Lime

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

COVID, it changed everything, people, nightlife, shopping habits. It was touch and go, many of our peers in the industry didn’t make it, we’re lucky we had good distribution and a stable product in terms of shelf life. We made quite a few investments just before it happened as well which worried us like Project Halcyon… however that is now the no.21 best bar in the country

Zymurgorium Lime Background

What is your favourite product and why?

Might seem like a cop-out answer but I don’t have one, they’re all my children! And of course no one has a favourite child….

Zymurgorium Lime Cocktail

What is your favourite cocktail with the Syllabub Lime gin and how do you make it?

Zym Singapore Sling;

50ml Syllabub Lime Gin

25ml Benedictine Liqueur

15ml Cherry Liqueur

15ml Lime Juice

25ml Sugar Syrup

Stir together in an iced glass

Garnish with a cherry and slice of lime

The Spirit of Devon - Thunderflower Distillery

Thunderflower Orchard

Thunderflower Distillery was launched in 2018 by Dom & Anicca O’Nions and is based in Devon.  They are currently moving into their new Distillery and Tasting Room, where people will be able to come and visit and discover the wonders available.

Dom originally learnt to distil with a view to running gin making classes at their own Devon culinary school and the subsequent passion for distilling led to the development of the kind of full-bodied, London Dry Gins that they both love to drink.

After much recipe development they decided to enter their resulting Thunderflower Gin into the regional Taste of the West Awards where it picked up a Gold Award, giving Dom & Anicca great encouragement to bring the gin to market and ever since Thunderflower Distillery has enjoyed success building a strong following amongst craft-gin enthusiasts.

After scaling up production in 2020, they now run a 200 litre pot still from their nano-distillery that produces our award-winning premium spirits as well as custom gins for local hospitality brands. At weekends Anicca can often be found running a stand at a gin event or food festival while Dom is busy distilling.

Thunderflower Orchard

What is your perfect serve?

40ml English Orchard paired with a good quality Indian Tonic Water and a slice of apple to garnish. This measure allows you to enjoy a proper G&T whilst saving enough from your mini gin to taste neat!

Thunderflower Bottles

What do you love about Gin/Distilling?

It is a creative process that requires attention to detail, care and a little bit of alchemy! When you make something that people enjoy, it is a truly fantastic feeling.

Thunderflower Teignmouth

Would you ever consider developing a Rum or Vodka?

Never say never!? We are fascinated by the distilling process and we have a passion for experimentation that has served us well so far.

Buzzing About Gin - Raw Honey Distillery

Raw Honey Raspberry Gin

This gin has been born of a desire to create a social product of our time, with the most natural components in a way which complements their environment, delivering a delightfully unique twist of pleasure to the palate.  Nothing fancy in itself—Raw Honey Distillery products are born out of simplicity—but the result will deliver a far more complex experience than the sum of its parts would suggest. Raw Honey Distillery gin is more ‘Mother Nature’s resin’.

With honey as the signature ingredient at the Raw Honey Distillery they naturally have a healthy appreciation and respect for nature and in particular maintaining and growing a healthy environment in which bees can thrive. Moreover, Raw Honey Distillery source their honey direct from a single artisanal beekeeper.

Both Ed & Sam wanted to create something that no-one else was doing and that led to the process of making their gin from honey via fermentation and triple distillation, rather than a bought in grain spirit method. It was through a combination of Ed’s (and his Wife Joanna’s) Beekeeping contacts that allowed them to source the quality and quantity of honey required to start this project, and Sam’s background in Chemistry, Winemaking and Distilling that brought it all together.

Raw Honey Cocktail 2

What made you want to start a distillery?

I always wanted to create my own line of drinks, whether that would be a wine label or a spirit label, but a pandemic and a fortuitous meeting led to a micro-distillery being the path that was taken! I love the blend of art and science that combines the two and that flavour comes above all decision!

Raw Honey Cocktail

Do you have any exciting plans for 2024?

Some very exciting plans! Currently the distillery is in my parents garage (with an appropriate amount of boxes crammed into any corner of the house), but in 2023 we got the keys to our new site just down the road from us, and we can’t wait to move in and scale up. We have a bit of a journey ahead of us in terms of planning application and repairs, but we know it is going to be worth it in the end! We are also attending nearly 20 new events that we have not attended before, including The Gin To My Tonic, and we are really looking forward to meeting new faces and the chance to pour and serve our lines of spirits.

Raw Honey Bar Image

Can you tell us about any new products in the pipeline?

We may be in a position to release our vodka this year subject to some quality control tests and it may need some recipe tweaking. It can take up to 8 weeks for a batch of 40 bottles for us, so we need to make sure we get it right! It will also be distilled from Honey and will be a unique tasting experience.

Made by Friends, For Friends - Stag Gin

Stag Spiced

Starting as a mobile bar events company in 2017, they had a passion for spirits from a cocktail point of view. Having been in the spirits industry for a while, they wanted to start working on something of their own.

Knowing that it was going to be gin and that it had to be versatile enough to be drunk on its own, with mixers and in cocktails it soon became clear that they would be going for two different styles of gin. Both were to be juniper forward the first to work with lighter and citrusy cocktails and the second was to be for the perfect negroni as well as the spicier, more earthy style cocktails.

Once the recipes were finalised it was time to decide how to get them produced, the decision was to have them distilled to their recipe by someone else. Running the bars and events took up enough time and trying to make gin on top was not going to work with their current business. After much research, they found Laurence at Wharf Distillery in Towcester. A small independent family business like them and it all quickly fell into place! and we were up and running with the test run. They used their first, test run batch to stock their own Sip ‘n’ Swig bars as the house gin and it was so well received, the name Smooth came from customers that loved it so much!

Stag Spiced

Would you ever consider experimenting with other spirits such as Rum or Vodka?

Yes we have a Spiced Rum recipe in the works a long with and Coffee Liqueur using our local coffee roasters, a recipe started for a vermouth with our local vineyard and an amaro recipe under way as well.  There will be highly likely be one more gin to join the family too

Giles Stag 1

How long did it take to finalise your gin recipe?

We were I suppose very lucky with both of our recipes. We have a friend who is a master distiller and he helped with the beginning of the recipes, once we realised the weights of botanicals needed we could soon play with the recipes completely and change things around to get the flavours that we wanted. It was surprising how little of some botanicals were required to get the flavour profile in the liquid. We probably spent around 2 weeks part time looking at the Smooth recipe and maybe a week on the Spiced. Both recipes had a test run but we changed nothing before production.

Stag Spiced And Smooth

What is your favourite product and why?

Mine currently is the Spiced Gin, I really enjoy the Smooth but the Spiced just suits my palate better. The Spiced Rum is tasting good too, it won’t be sweet like a lot of the others as it too will need to be versatile enough for cocktails and we will want to add various fruits and syrups depending on which cocktails we are making, if the rum is sweet then the cocktail will be far too sweet and not balanced.

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Liverpool 2nd March 2024 / Exeter 9th March 2024 / Birmingham 23rd March 2024 / Reading 24th April 2024 / Manchester 26th-27th April 2024 / Shrewsbury 27th April 2024 / Aylesbury 4th May 2024 / Nottingham 18th May 2024 / Faringdon 7th-9th June 2024 / Dumfries 14th-15th June 2024 / Bury St Edmunds 15th June 2024 / Newcastle 22nd June 2024 / London 5th-6th July 2024 / Salisbury 13th July 2024 / Christchurch 13th July 2024 / Truro 20th July 2024 / Cardiff 26th-27th July 2024 / Perth 16th-17th August 2024 / Swindon 6th-7th September 2024 / Winchester 14th September 2024 / Selby 21st September 2024 / Ipswich 21st September 2024 / Dublin 4th-6th October 2024 / Bournemouth 12th October 2024 / Bristol 12th October 2024 / Glasgow 25th-27th October 2024 / Aberdeen 15th-17th November 2024 / Brighton & Hove 30th November 2024 / Bexhill-on-Sea 30th November 2024 / Chester 7th December 2024 / Cheltenham 14th December 2024 / Sheffield 8th February 2025 / Edinburgh 28th February – 1st March 2025


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