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Virtual Tasting Programme 22nd April 2023

Meet-the-Makers Virtually on Saturday 22nd April 6pm - 8.30pm

Virtual Gin Tasting

The Gin To My Tonic are back this Saturday 22nd April 2023 6.00pm – 8.30pm as we take you on a whole new journey of gin discovery with Henley Distillery, Dog & Spoon Distillery, Dinnewell’s Distillery, Abingdon Distillery and Green Room Distillery.

Over the course of the evening, you’ll experience first-hand the craft and graft that goes into each of these tasty creations, along with how their unique influences have helped shaped each of the creations. What we hope, is that you’ll find a new favourite, be surprised by something that perhaps you wouldn’t usually like, and that you fall in love with the people behind the brands.

Please don’t worry, you won’t be on camera personally and all interaction with us as hosts and our distillers will be via the interactive chat box due to the volume of people partaking, so there’s no need to feel nervous. Instead, just sit back, relax and get ready to sample some fabulous gins…

Love and Best Wishes,

The Gin To My Tonic Team

Suggested Mixers

Henley Distillery Classic Dry Gin – London Essence Indian Tonic – Lime Peel

Dog & Spoon Distillery 6a London Dry Gin – London Essence Indian Tonic – Lemon Peel & Rosemary

Dinnewell’s Gin London Dry Gin – London Essence Indian Tonic OR Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic* – Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary

Abingdon Distillery Cherry Gin – London Essence Indian Tonic OR Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic* – Orange Slice

Green Room Distillery Flyman’s Navy Strength Gin – London Essence Indian Tonic OR Blood Orange & Elderflower Tonic* – Pink Grapefruit or Orange

*Please note that the secondary tonics are for those looking to experiment. We would always recommend sampling your gin with a Classic Indian Tonic first and foremost for the purposes of the gin tasting*

London Essence Bottles And Glasses 2

The Contemporary Twist on a London Dry Gin, Henley Distillery

Jacob Henley Distillery

Jacob is the owner and award-winning Master Distiller at Henley Distillery. Born and raised in Henley-on-Thames, and one of the youngest Master Distillers in the country, his dream had been to open a distillery in his home town.

Since running pop-up bars at university, his thirst for knowledge has not yet been quenched and he has worked his way up the distilling ladder, learning his trade at highly respected operations around the country. Having worked with craft distilleries all over the UK, Jacob gained an extensive knowledge of traditional gin making techniques. Combined with a fresh and innovative approach, he is now creating his own spirits that are both classic and contemporary.

After years of planning, The Henley Distillery opened in June 2021, they now boast a collection of 3 gins and have won multiple, global awards including Gold at the Gin Masters and Gold at the London Spirits Business.

They have entered our first People’s Choice Awards, we wish them best of luck with their entries!

Henley Bottle

What inspired you to begin making gin and what do you love about the process?

I first fell in love with Gin when on a Cocktail Course preparing to set up my own mobile bar business. It was during the course that I tried several Gins and fully came to appreciate the variation and complexity that can come from the spirit. I loved running bars, and the whole drink industry in general, however I also loved Engineering and problem solving (I was halfway through a mechanical engineering degree when I set my bar business up). It was really a lightning strike idea that distilling encompassed both of my passions of spirits/flavours and engineering all in one! From there I have poured all my heart and passion into what I do, creating spirits without compromise.

Henley Stills

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge has definitley been making the shift from being a Distiller to Owner/Distiller. It has been the most rewarding challenge by far but a big adjustment to make. it has allowed me complete freedom when it comes to the spirits we produce and ensuring we have a no compromise attitude to everything we do. the learning curve has been steep, with marketing and sales not being something that comes naturally to me! Despite this, we have flown past EVERY sales target we originally set ourselves thanks to the fantastic team we have built.

Henley Serve

What is your favourite gin cocktail to make with your Dry Gin and can you tell us how to make it?

The way in which we distil our gin makes it ultra smooth, even when neat. Whilst the flavours come through beautifully in most cocktails, our classic Dry Gin shows it’s quality even more so when at a higher ABV. For this reason I absolutely love a Classic martini (with a twist on the usual garnish!)

50ml Henley Classic Dry,

15ml Dry Vermouth,

Pour over ice and stir for 30 seconds,

Strain into a chilled Martini Glass,

Garnish with a Lime Peel Ribbon

A Carbon Neutral Marvel from Derbyshire, Dog and Spoon Distillery

Dog And Spoon Owners

A distillery born out of a passion for sustainability and a mutual love of Gin, Dog and Spoon Distillery is based in a repurposed old grain store in Derbyshire.  From the beginning Seb and Tony’s vision was to create fantastic products while minimising their carbon footprint and being as eco-aware as possible.

On the palette, the 6a London Dry you can expect delightful juniper and citrus formed from their selected botanicals, ending with a smooth finish and just a little warmth.

Amongst other botanicals, Seb and Tony have infused various Citrus elements into the spirit, such as Verbena, Cassia and Cardamom into a unique recipe that we think is equally perfect sipped neat or in a classic G&T with a slice of orange or lemon.

with sustainability and carbon neutralisation at the heart of their project, they are already utilising Solar, Battery and Biomass power, have built a cold closed-water system and developed custom packaging from recyclable materials with zero plastic. But they aren’t stopping there, with many more advancements planned, sustainability is incredibly important to us, as is quality that’s why their products are distilled, bottled, labelled and packaged by themselves onsite.

Dog And Poon
Dog And Spoon Serve

What did Dog and Spoon Distillery look like in the early days?

Well, not changed much, we’re a small distillery and still relatively new. We’re in a rather large barn which seemed great at the time, but we are slowly filling it out, there seems to never be enough room for bottles. We’re continually adding more shelves.

Dog And Spoon Cocktail

What is your perfect serve?

The perfect serve for the 6a London Dry Gin is either the classic Gin & Tonic (1 part Gin, 2 parts Tonic) or the sublime Elderflower Collins (2 part Gin, 1 part Elderflower cordial, 1 part Supasawa lemon or lime juice, top with soda water).

We’re also about to launch out Limoncello and this is amazing in a Limoncello Spritz (1 part Limoncello, 1 part Prosecco, top with soda water)

Dog And Spoon Logo

What do you both love about gin/distilling?

I love the creativity involved in refining and tweaking the unique botanical recipe that goes into crafting a great gin. It’s exciting to experiment with different sourcing, processing, and ratio combinations to get that perfect flavour profile. It’s also inspiring to see how we can extend our sustainable practices, such as improving on our Carbon Neutral Gin, using eco-friendly packaging, recycling water. But the most rewarding part of it all is seeing people’s reactions when they tasting our gin for the first time, it always brings a smile to my face.

The Heart of Yorkshire, Dinnewell's Gin

Chris And Sarah
Dinnewells Gin London Dry Label Front (retouched)

A bold and beautiful gin love story. Dinnewell’s gin was founded by husband-and-wife team Chris and Sarah Dinnewell during the lockdowns of 2020/21. Having spent over 20 years between them working in various roles within the hospitality industry, this stop start year provided them the perfect opportunity to realise a long-standing dream of producing an outstanding spirit, that not only tastes great but also reflects their journey and personalities.

Handcrafted with 12 botanicals. This modern, classic gin marries the beauty of juniper and bold citrus flavours to create a smooth warming texture. Enjoy this elegant gin served over ice, with pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary. Paired with citrus forward tonic. Prominent flavours in the dry gin are: Juniper, Grapefruit, Orange, Vanilla and a subtle hint of spice.

As well as in a gin and tonic our dry gin works beautifully in either a Negroni or a Martini.

Dinnewell's Market

Would you consider experimenting with other spirits?

Yes we would absolutely consider experimenting with other spirit types. In fact we have already.

Without giving too much detail away we started a while back doing some recipe development for a new line of spirits and will continue to do so over the coming months. I don’t really want to give away what exactly it is we are working on, but what I can tell you is that it isn’t something traditionally other gin distillers expand into i.e rum or vodka.

Dinnewells Bottles

Which is your favourite product and why?

It is always a difficult one when people ask which is our favourite product, as there is a time and a place for all the gins we have created. They wouldn’t be available if we weren’t absolutely in love with them all. However, having said that, the two that stand out for me are the London Dry and the Yorkshire Rosè. The London Dry as it was the first spirit we ever produced and it really ticks all the boxes from what we would want in a gin. It is super smooth, has bags of bright Juniper and Citrus flavour and arguably most importantly it shines through no matter what you mix it with.

The Yorkshire Rosè also stands out due to its uniqueness. In such a saturated market it is not always the easiest to find something completely different to the rest, but we feel as though we have absolutely achieved this with the Yorkshire Rosè but at the same time keeping up our high standard in terms of quality.

We are also extremely proud of our Orange and Ginger Old Tom and all the accolades that has received.

Dinnewells Gin London Dry G&t (retouched)

How long did it take you to finalise your Dry Gin Recipe?

Our final recipe took around 6 months to finalise from our first ever trial. We were very particular in the flavours and textures we wanted from our gin and as with any spirit, getting the exact balance of flavour you want is the most tricky thing to achieve.

Dinnewells Bottles

From A Dream To Reality, Abingdon Distillery

Jordan Abingdon

Jordan decided on the dream of having a distillery when in Hong Kong some years ago whilst working abroad. The lack of quality & limited selection of gins out there fuelled a bit of an experimental phase where we began dabbling in distilling to produce a worthy gin we could sip & enjoy.

All of the spirits that they make are produced by our 2 beautiful copper stills, Jenny & Angela. They were both handmade in Portugal and have a distilling capacity of 100L between them (That’s about 130 bottles per run). The stills are key to the distillation process and they play a huge part in producing smooth spirits with fantastic flavours. Being 100% copper, they remove the impurities & sulphur-containing compounds from the spirit vapours during distillation. Simply put, without their two girls they wouldn’t be able to produce our award-winning gins.

All their gins are distilled using the ‘one shot’ method. Only purified water is added post distillation and we don’t use concentrates, artificial colours or flavourings.

Abingdon Stills
Abingdon Cherries

What was your best moment of 2022?

I would have to say that opening our new distillery site in Abingdon and getting a huge brand new still would be our proudest moment. There is nothing like seeing your hard work and what you have been picturing become a reality.

Abingdon Still

How did you decide on the botanicals in your final recipe?

To create this gin it was about building a profile that would let the cherry flavour shine through and having some botanicals that provided some additional sweetness. Trial and error is a huge part of being a distiller, although arguable the recipe development process is the best part, especially the tasting!

Cherry Gin

What are you most looking forward to about 2023?

We have a new gin coming out in a months time and we have also just launched our new range of rums. It is a very exciting time in the gin industry, with a lot of excitement about diversifying and experimenting with new spirits. With new spirits comes new flavours and more potential to try new things. We love to experiment and explore the weird and wonderful and see what happens!

Distilled Behind The Scenes in London, Green Room Distillery

Screenshot 2023 04 11 122516
Flymans Navy Strength

Started by two friends from the world of theatre, Green Room’s delicious multi-award winning Small Batch Dry Gin, Triple Filtered Vodka and Sloe Gin are all distilled, hand-filled, labelled and finished with a wax seal, ‘behind the scenes’ in London.

Within only a few months of operating, we won a Bronze Medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2021, and in 2022, we have won a Silver at the World Gin Awards, ISC 2022 and London Spirits Competition. and on top of all that, Winner of the Gin Guide Awards, and we couldn’t be prouder!

14 delicious botanicals, many of which are citrus notes such as Dried Orange, fresh Lime and Pink Grapefruit, plus Grains of Paradise. For balance, the Cloves and Cinnamon, offer a refreshing and uplifting taste. Lovely in a G&T as you will discover in the Virtual Tasting in April.

Green Room Serve

What made you want to start a Distillery?

Green Room was started by myself and a close friend, Seb Frost, in April 2020. We both usually work as designers in theatre, but when our all work dried up overnight due to Covid, we had to look elsewhere for something to keep us active, and hopefully provide some sort of income. Given our passion for gin, vodka and whisky, we decided to start distilling. And what began as a hobby in my kitchen, has become a fully licensed distillery in what used to be my design studio, here on Wandsworth Common. The servers have been replaced with Stills, and the cables with tubing.

Green Room Botanicals

Would you consider experimenting with rums?

We already produce an award-winning vodka which is stocked in a variety location, and when we eventually expand, we will look at producing a whisky.

Green Room Stills

Do you have any exciting plans for 2023?

At present we are just trying to get our products out there as much as possible before moving to a new location in 2024.


Fancy coming to meet our fantastic distillers in person?! Take a look at our Festival and Show Dates below!

Reading 29th April 2023
Gloucester 6th May 2023
Ipswich 13th May 2023
Nottingham 20th May 2023
Edinburgh SHOW (World Gin Day) 9th-10th June 2023
Faringdon (Oxfordshire) 16th-17th June 2023
Salisbury 1st July 2023
Bedford 8th July 2023
Harrogate 15th July 2023
Truro 22nd July 2023
Shrewsbury 29th July 2023
Aberdeen (SHOW) 25th-26th August 2023
Bury St Edmonds 9th September 2023
Cardiff (SHOW) 15th-16th September 2023
Bristol 23rd September 2023
Brighton & Hove 30th September 2023
Chester 7th October 2023
Bournemouth 13th-14th October 2023
Glasgow (SHOW) 3rd-5th November 2023
Manchester (SHOW) 17th-18th November 2023
Swindon 25th November 2023
Winchester 9th December 2023
Colchester 3rd February 2024
Cheltenham 2nd March 2024
Liverpool 2nd March 2024
Birmingham 23rd March 2024
London 2024 – COMING SOON

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