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Virtual Gin Tasting Programme Saturday 27th January 2024

Meet-the-Makers Virtually on Saturday 27th January 6pm - 8.30pm

January Virtual 2024


The Gin To My Tonic are back with a brand new virtual gin tasting event, ready to take you on a journey of gin discovery with a whole new line-up of distillers. For Ginuary (January), we are delighted to be joined by Piston Distillery, Shropshire Distillery, Mother’s Ruin 1751, along with emerging new creators like Devil’s Dyke Distillery and conservationist brand Urban Rhino.

Hosted by The Gin To My Tonic, each distillery / creator will open their doors LIVE and share their story to date, tasting notes, and perfect serves, entwined with distillery tours, gin making, cocktail making and fascinating gin trivia to enrich your own personal gin journeys.

Take part at home, either LIVE on Saturday 27th January 6pm-8.30pm, or watch at your own pace with the recording.

PSST… SAVE THE DATE! Due to popular demand, we are delighted to confirm that we’ll be running another Virtual Gin Tasting on Saturday 24th February 6pm – 8pm. Further information coming soon!

Artisan Bottleshot


It’s official, The Gin To My Tonic are delighted to be partnering with Artisan Drinks in 2024! All our gins have been expertly paired with their tonics (or lemonade) to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

Piston Distillery’s Forêt Noire Gin  paired with Artisan Skinny London Tonic. Garnish with Blackberry, Cherry or Strawberry.

The Shropshire Distillery Grapefruit & Hop Gin paired with Artisan Pink Citrus Tonic. Garnish with Grapefruit.

Mother’s Ruin 1751 Commander Fox Gin paired with Artisan Winter Classic Tonic. Garnish with Sliced Orange.

Urban Rhino Gin paired with Artisan Winter Classic Tonic. Garnish with Lemon .

Devils Dyke Limoncello Gin paired with Artisan Lemonade. Garnish with Sliced Lemon

From the Automotive Industry To Gin - Piston Distillery

Piston Gin

Inspired by precision engineering and a love of all things automotive, Piston Distillery was born. Initially intending to only produce a London Dry Gin and a Super Smooth Vodka, it soon became apparent that the world wanted more from Piston.

After perfecting their London Dry Recipe, the flavoured spirits came along! All built on a base of their London Dry Gin, Piston welcomed flavours such as Ginger, Strawberry, Hibiscus and even a Black Forest inspired Gin!

A playful spirit of adventure means that no stone is left unturned in their search for the perfect combination of rare ingredients. From the first feel of their sculpted industrial style bottle, to the satisfying sound engineered removal of its lid, you are enticed into a world of rich flavours and captivating aromas of Piston Gin.

Today, we introduce to you Piston Distillery’s Forêt Noire Gin. With it’s beautifully balanced, intensely flavoured Black Forest profile, this is the perfect January tipple. The gin is made by blending rich dark fruit undertones of Cherry, Blackcurrant, Myrtle, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry with the distillery’s signature Piston gin, creating a unique and sophisticated taste. It is versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, making it a delight to the palate for gin enthusiasts.

During Piston’s talk, you can enjoy the gin as a G&T or if you hold off until the end, you can join in and make a cocktail! All you will need is the Foret Noire Gin, Single Cream and Dark Chocolate!

Piston Distillery

What is your favourite product and why?

My personal favourite is our London Dry, because in my opinion the test of a good distillery is their London Dry Gin! If you can drink it on ice and it is tasty then it’s my go-to drink, and that’s exactly what our London Dry delivers. From our flavours, my favourite is our Foret Noire as it is very versatile, but also it is the perfect drink for your hip flask.

Christmas Foret Noire

Piston have a Gin & Vodka now, but would you ever consider experimenting with a Rum?

No we won’t make a rum, but we do make a coffee tequila that is really rather extraordinary! There are so many preconceptions with tequila and we are here to surprise you.

Forest Noire

How long did it take you to finalise your Forêt Noire recipe?

Our founder Nick has the incredible (but also very enviable) ability of being able to get something correct first time. His brain is able to piece together a picture and bring it to life, so after making a cocktail in a bar, he was able to come back to the distillery and piece it into a 1L recipe and then upscale it. We are lucky to have him!

Refreshingly Hoppy - Shropshire Distillery

Gareth & Emma Gin Bar

Emma and Gareth took the leap in 2018 to start their own distillery in their shed at their family home. As gin lovers, they had tasted many over the years, but found they were disappointed by some that turned out not to be created as they claimed and were lacking any real personal touch or love. They set out to create a gin filled with their own creative personality, filled with their own ideas and inspirations.

Thanks to a career change for Gareth, it meant Emma could jump with both feet into distilling full time, meaning she is now one of the few female head distillers in the industry! Five years later, the core gin range at Shropshire Distillery has won awards from the International Wine & Spirits Competition, The London Spirits Competition and many more.

We have decided to bring you something different for this tasting, you might have heard of gins made with a grape base, or even steeped with Pinot Noir grapes, but a first for us at The Gin To My Tonic is a gin made with Hops. Hops are a cereal, mainly used in beer production. They carry a distinct, savoury yet citrus flavour, which blends perfectly with piney juniper and an additional burst of grapefruit. But Shropshire Distillery decided to create a gin that utilises the citrus flavour in hops and blend it to make a Grapefruit and Hops Gin!

Distilled with American Cascade Hops and a bunch of dried grapefruit for a zesty citrus pine flavour balanced with light floral notes. An undercurrent of juniper delivers a smooth mouthfeel and welcome dry gin flavour.

Grapefruit & Hop

What inspired you to begin making gin and what do you love about the process?

After moving to Shropshire 10 + years ago, it became came apparent that not all the spirit products where actually made in the county, Neither of us are from a distilling/beverage background but after a light bulb moment, we thought ‘well how hard can it be?’

We love the alchemy, the different botanical profiles and our complete hands on approach throughout the whole process – a truly handcrafted product

Shropshire Still

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Biggest challenges for us, we are not natural sales people, albeit we can talk to you about our distillery and product all day long – but not in a sales pitch manner, it is more of a passion, love and belief in what we do.

Shropshire Serve

What is your favourite gin cocktail and can you tell us how to make it?

Emma – one of mine is a Flora Dora, something a little different yet very pleasant and easy drinking. 50c, Dry Gin, 25ml Raspberry Syrup, 25ml Lime Juice – all in a shaker with ice, strain and top up with Ginger Ale. Garnish with a lime wheel

Gareth – Currently a Negroni – with Shropshire Distillery Twist

50ml Aromatic Spiced Gin, 50ml AFTER NOON Apple & Cherry Liqueur (this replaces the traditional Vermouth) and 50ml Campari. Add all to a mixing jar with ice, chill glass, stir and strain over ice- serve with Orange Wedge

A Passion For Animal Conservation Creates A Delicious Gin - Urban Rhino Gin

Urban Rhino

Urban Rhino Gin (formerly the White Rhino Gin Company) was originally founded after city gents John Heeds, Mike Hall and Billy James learned about the plight of rhinos after visiting South Africa.

Pete was working in The Waterberg area of Limpopo in South Africa when the rhino poaching crisis hit the headlines back in 2012. Along with conservationist Arrie van Deventer, Pete was part of the team that took action to save the orphaned babies and went on to establish the world’s first purpose-built facility – The Rhino Orphanage.

When Pete learned that the owners of the White Rhino Gin Company were looking to retire, he saw another opportunity to build a global brand whilst promoting the conservation efforts of The Rhino Orphanage. In just 5 months, Urban Rhino have completed a re-brand, new bottle design and label, launched a new website, moved distillery to the Henley Distillery, modified the recipe enabling them to a win a gold medal at a prestigious gin competition.

10% of profits and more are now donated towards Rhino Charities supporting rhino conservation.  The name Urban Rhino ties together how modern world urbanisation can support the fight against rhino extinction from the comfort of your own home – and they always say: Sip Gin. Save Rhinos.

Rhino Serve

What is your perfect serve?

Urban Rhino London Dry Gin is made to a simple and refined recipe of just six botanicals.

It is a classical version of a London Dry sipping gin. It builds on the familiar juniper foundation with a flavour of citrusy blossom from lemon peel, a warmth from coriander seed, and a refined gin taste from a delicate blend of orris root, cassia bark and liquorice root.

Compliment a generous measure of Urban Rhino and your favourite tonic with a thin lemon peel to enjoy a combination of fresh flavours. For extra zing, we recommend pairing with elderflower tonic and adding orange peel and a sprig of rosemary to bring out the cassia we use during the distillation process.


What do you love abut Gin/Distilling?

At Urban Rhino, we love the power that our gin can make a difference in the world. Unlike other gin brands, our focus goes beyond crafting a remarkable spirit, and our competitive difference lies in our unwavering commitment to rhino conservation.

With every sip of Urban Rhino Gin, you are not only enjoying a superbly crafted and sustainably produced London Dry Gin with only six botanicals, but also actively contributing to the protection and preservation of endangered rhinos.

Our simple award-winning recipe embodies authenticity and high-quality craftsmanship, offering gin enthusiasts the opportunity to be changemakers in the fight against extinction. Through moments of pleasure, we will engage others who will amplify our story. And we will not stop until we have built a future where rhinos roam freely and generations to come can cherish their magnificence.

A Gin Developed From Years of Navy Service - Mother's Ruin 1751

Commander Fox Rock Pool

Craig, founder of Mother’s Ruin 1751 discovered his passion for gin when he was serving in The Royal Navy, sampling Gin around the world.

After a sudden change in location back in 2020 Craig took the leap to turn his passion into a business. Craig and his team of Josh his Husband and Ken his Dad, spent many hours working hard to get the business afloat, attending hundreds of shows, gin festivals and running small bars, to get the exposure he needed to finally release his first venture, Cornish Blue Flamingo Gin!

Now, 5 years later, his range boasts 4 core products as well as some special releases, today we will be bringing you a taste of Commander Fox Old Tom Gin! We love this gin, it is a spirit that warms your soul on these dull January evenings, with a beautiful back story that Craig will explain, this Gin is precious for more than one reason!

Craig is also big on sustainability – from using British blown glass, sending deliveries once a week rather than multiple times a week, and waxing the top of their bottles with eco biodegradable soy wax – these decisions are not cheap alternatives but were non negotiable for Craig.
Overall, supporting brands like Mother’s Ruin 1751 is incredibly important to us at The Gin To My Tonic as their love for their craft goes so much deeper than just the product. Without further ado, Commander Fox Old Tom Gin awaits!

A smooth, warming Foxy Gin with fiery hints of cinnamon and vanilla, emits a slightly spicy aroma – balanced with notes from clove, nutmeg, and allspice.

Commander Fox Sand

What made you want to start a distillery?

Back in 2018, when my husband and I were contemplating our next move in my naval career or beyond, we found ourselves exploring various professional avenues. After careful consideration, I felt a deep calling to delve into the captivating and intoxicating world of distilling. It was more than just a passing interest; it was a genuine passion that I yearned to pursue. Utilizing the invaluable education grants provided by the Navy, I seized the opportunity to immerse myself in a master Distillery course, equipping me with the knowledge and credentials required to excel in this field of wine and spirits.

Commander Fox Serve

Do you have any exciting plans for 2024?

In the exciting year of 2024, Mother’s Ruin 1751 Distilling Co. has some thrilling new products in the pipeline. Be sure to keep a close eye on our social media channels for updates on when these exciting launches will take place. As a tight-knit, family-run business, we are always looking to expand our team and bring in fresh talent. That’s why this year will also witness the arrival of new members who will undoubtedly contribute their unique skills and passion to our growing enterprise. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and join us in raising a glass to a prosperous future!

Commander Fox Water

Can you tell us about any new products in the pipeline?

There will be, however, a highly exclusive and limited-edition product that will be exclusively available for purchase at The Gin To My Tonic Shows and through our official website. But fear not, as we will keep you eagerly anticipating its arrival – just watch this space to find out what this extraordinary creation is all about. For the ultimate experience, be sure to visit our home page where you can find our comprehensive calendar of upcoming shows. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to explore our full range of meticulously crafted and passionately curated products, available exclusively at these remarkable events. So, if you’re eager to immerse yourself in the world of gin, be sure to join us at one of these upcoming shows and embark on a truly unforgettable sensory journey.

An Area Forged In History - Devils Dyke Distillery

Devils Dyke

With a history dating as far back as the Iron Age, the Devils Dyke, a 100m deep valley is an area of outstanding beauty in West Sussex.

Legend has it that the Devil himself crafted the Dyke with no more than a pickaxe! Fast forward to the 19th century, Devil’s Dyke became a play area and fairground destination to the Victorians in their hordes.

It is from this era that the team at Devils Dyke Distillery have drawn inspiration for the botanicals and perfected their own craft to present you with this beautiful artisan gin. Distilled with classic dry and specially foraged botanicals found on the Devil’s Dyke and around West Sussex, including Victoria plums, milk thistle and black elderberry.

We are bringing you the taste of their Dry Gin blended with Amalfi Lemons for the perfect citrus tipple. After years of experimentation, they took a trip to the Amalfi coast to learn how to make a traditional Limoncello the Italian way then blended it with their dry gin for their own version!


Would you ever consider experimenting with other spirits such as vodka or rum?

I’m always experimenting! Sometimes more successfully that others! We have made a few batches of rum from scratch, but seeing as I don’t like the stuff, I couldn’t really judge it – friends liked it, but it’s too much of a messy process! We’ve played with a ‘Christmas Chello’ this year, which we’ll certainly be pushing out next Christmas. Vodka is certainly in the making for Spring 2024.


How long did it take you to finalise your Limoncello Gin Recipe?

Absolutely years! It wasn’t until we went to the Amalfi Coast and learnt how to make the base limoncello the Italian way, that we started to import our lemons. A few summer parties later with friends and family sampling the blends with gin did we nail it.

Chilli & Lime Devils Dyke

What’s your favourite product and why?

Chilli & Lime Gin doesn’t seem to last long in our house, in fact, we have stopped bothering to bottle it and it now comes straight from a jug! Mixed with a Ginger Beer, fantastic!


Colchester 3rd February 2024
Harrogate 10th February 2024
Cheltenham 2nd March 2024
Liverpool 2nd March 2024
Exeter 9th March 2024
Birmingham 23rd March 2024
Reading 20th April 2024
Shrewsbury 27th April 2024
Manchester 26th-27th April 2024
Aylesbury 4th May 2024
Nottingham 18th May 2024
Faringdon (Oxfordshire) 7th-9th June 2024
Dumfries 14th-15th June 2024
Bury St Edmonds 15th June 2024
Newcastle 22nd June 2024
London 5th-6th July 2024
Christchurch 13th July 2024
Salisbury 13th July 2024
Truro 20th July 2024
Cardiff 26th-27th July 2024
Perth 16th-17th August 2024
Swindon 6th-7th September 2024
Winchester 14th September 2024
Selby 21st September 2024
Ipswich 21st September 2024
Dublin 4th-6th October 2024
Bournemouth 12th October 2024
Bristol 12th October 2024
Glasgow 25th-27th October 2024
Aberdeen 15th-17th November 2024
Brighton & Hove 30th November 2024
Bexhill-on-Sea 30th November 2024
Chester 7th December 2024
Edinburgh 28th February – 1st March 2025

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