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The Gin To My Tonic Cherry Gin

Cherry, a distant cousin to the sloe berry felt like the perfect fit for our ninth gin within The Gin To My Tonic Collection. The goal was to create a Cherry gin with the sipping quality of a sloe gin but also be flavoursome enough to carry through as Gin & Tonic whilst making the perfect cocktails! We try our best to have something for everybody in our range and were constantly thinking of new flavours to satisfy our wide audience of gin lovers! Not forgetting the importance of a strong juniper backbone and a high ABV!

Cherry Gin is bottled at 43% ABV and includes red cherries, vegan almond essence, juniper, angelica, orris root, coriander seed, ginger, lime zest and fresh vanilla pods. This is distilled at the Gower Distillery to insure perfection every time!


Best friends Paul & Emira began their gin journey in 2017 when they began an Instagram blog that quickly built up a loyal fan base allowing them to pack up their 9-5’s and launch The Gin To My Tonic. Putting craft at the forefront of importance with everything they do, Paul & Emira have created a gin family of over 100,000 gin lovers and growing!

At the heart of The Gin To My Tonic is a best friendship, a never-ending journey of gin discovery, and a love and respect for distilling and craftmanship that will never change. What Paul & Emira hope, is that they can share a little bit of this with you along the way, and help enrich your own gin journeys. They love nothing more than introducing you to gins you may not have encountered before, or perhaps would not have thought of trying, and are here to guide and inspire whilst having some much needed fun along the way.

Today The Gin To My Tonic includes award-winning Gin Festivals, an Online Store, Gin Club and Bar.

Paul & Em



The Gower Gin company make most of our Gins here at The Gin To My Tonic. Working with Sian & Andrew gives us the knowledge and facilities to bring our Gins to life. We brief them on flavour profiles and then they create the gin that they think works best with our brief. We receive the samples and decide how we should tweak the process to give the perfect Gin for our brand , which is always a great day in the office!

Gower don’t just distil gins for other company’s they have their own range of fantastic gins that are all inspired by the beautiful Gower Peninsula in which the distillery resides. Their aim is to create small batch craft gin which encapsulates the freshness of the sea and the aroma of the coast and dunes that surround their distillery. Gower and Wales is at the forefront of their gins from the names to the botanicals which makes their range particularly unique and full of passion.


OipAbAsterley Bros
  1. What inspired you to start your business and what continues to inspire you?

I married into a Sicilian family 12/13 years ago and fell in love with the flavours and concept of Amaro and its rich Italian heritage. The idea that this mysterious liqueur could be passed down from generation to generation, and is such a hyper-local expression of terroir and culture. It’s just so unlike anything we have in the UK! I fell in love with it immediately.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your range of products?

We created Dispense, our ‘Modern British Amaro’ back in 2017. For us its London meets Sicily, if you will and was the first English Amaro to be made in the UK. This was back when the Aperol Spritz movement was just starting to build in the UK and since then we have launched 2 vermouths and a Fernet too (a super intense, bitter liqueur unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!)

  1. What does a day in the life of the Asterley Bros look like ?

We are based in South London and start the day in our workshop, taking delivery of fruits, herbs and botanicals and preparing them for maceration and pressing. We create these botanical spirits over a number of weeks before blending with English wine and sweetening with small amounts of sugar. We spend a lot of time doing tasting and training sessions with consumers and bartenders too, as well as the drudgery of invoicing and VAT returns! We do it all, and there is never a dull moment!

  1. What is your go-to cocktail order when your out for a drink?

To start the evening: A crisp, dry Martini. Ice cold, bright and thrilling! Then to end the night: The Negroni. Always. Such a simple, yet bold and complex classic. All you ever need in a drink!

  1. Do you have any new and exciting future plans?

Yes, we have loads of good things happening at the moment. We have just launched nationally with a new distribution partner so are looking to spread the Asterley Bros name across the country over the next 12 months, as well as moving to a new production space with a visitors centre where we can host consumers and press for tastings and masterclasses, and we are also working on a top secret RTD too: English Vermouth cocktails in cans! It’s gonna be a busy 12 months!

G&T Perfect Serve

G&T cherry

This is paired perfectly with either Fever-Tree Indian or Rhubarb and Raspberry for those who prefer a slightly sweeter and fruity finish.

Ingredients (Serves 1):

  • 25 – 50ml of The No.9 Cherry.
  • 1 bottle of Fever-Tree Indian or Rhubarb and Raspberry.
  • A garnish of  choice (we recommend maraschino cherry)
    & Lots of Ice


  • Add plenty of ice to your glass.
  • Pour in the gin, followed by your desired amount of tonic.
  • Finally garnish with a cherr


Cherry Negroni


Ingredients (serves one) :

  • 25ml No.9 Cherry Gin.
  • 50ml of Asterley Bros pouch.
  • Orange twist.
  • Ice.


  • Add plenty of ice to a tumbler.
  • Combine the gin with the Asterley Bro’s pouch.
  • Garnish with Orange twist.
Cherry Negroni


Ingredients (serves one) :

  • 50 ml No.9 Cherry Gin.
  • 25 ml Lemon Juice.
  • 2 tsp Cherry Jam.
  • Cherry for garnish.
  • Cubed and Crushed Ice.


  • Combine the Gin,  1 tsp of Jam and lemon Juice into a cocktail shaker with plenty of Ice.
  • Shake until the outside of the Cocktail shaker is cold to the touch.
  • Strain the Cocktail into a glass with crushed ice and add a tsp of Jam.
Bakewell spritz


Ingredients (serves one) :

  • 15 ml Cherry Gin
  • 15 ml Amaretto
  • Fever tree Rhubarb and Raspberry Tonic Water
  • Wedge of Orange for garnish
  • Ice


  • Add your Cherry Gin & Amaretto to a Large tumbler filled with Ice.
  • Top with the Fever Tree Tonic to your desired level.
  • Garnish with your lemon wedge.


Fever-Tree began in 2003 with a meeting of minds and one simple premise: if three quarters of your G&T is the tonic, wouldn’t you want it to be the best?

It became apparent that Charles and Tim had both come to the same conclusion – namely that the growing prevalence and popularity of premium spirits had not been matched by what was on offer in the tonic category. From the very beginning, Charles and Tim approached their business in a different way – there would be no compromise at Fever-Tree. Flavour and quality were of the utmost importance. This mindset led them on an 18-month adventure from the archives of the British Library to facing the wrong end of a Kalashnikov in the Democratic Republic of Congo and concluded with the launch of our Premium Indian Tonic Water in 2005, with the belief we still operate by today.. If 3/4 of your drink is a mixer, mix with the best. As well as quality, Charles and Tim wanted to put the choice back into the category. The whole company has been built on innovation. Constantly developing new mixers, new flavours, new ideas, thus creating, an array of flavours to pair with the myriad of premium Gins, Vodkas, Whisky’s and Vermouths.

Fever Tree Sodas


Here at The Gin To My Tonic, we absolutely love recommending new gins. From pointing you in the direction of something tantalising behind The Gin To My Tonic Festival Bars, or towards fantastic distillers at The Gin To My Tonic Meet-the-Maker Shows, we are all about introducing you to undiscovered gems and celebrating the work of craft distillers across the UK and beyond. We’ve tried thousands of different gins, and try hundreds more each year, so you know you are in safe hands…..

Not only that, but with Gin Festivals nationwide and daily social media posts we guarantee to leave you suitably gin-spired. We may not be the biggest Gin Club, but we we are super passionate about gin, supporting craft distillers and finding you a new favourite (or several)…


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