Two Birds London Dry Gin is a multi-award winning spirit hailing from the charming town of Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

Founded in 2013, the man behind Two Birds is engineer and self confessed gin enthusiast, Mark Gamble. Mark began his spirit making journey by tinkering and experimenting in his workshop, and it wasn’t long before his two loves came together. Impressively, Mark designed and hand-built a bespoke copper still called ‘Gerard’. I’m sure you’ll agree this takes ‘handcrafted’ to a whole new.

The artisan touch is evident in every step of the making of this delectable gin. The London Dry Gin is produced in small batches of just 100 bottles at a time, each of which is checked by hand. Incredibly the design on the bottles are hand painted using natural and organic inks. In a world of mass production it is refreshing to see such care and attention given to producing the perfect product. Two Birds London Dry includes five botanicals, with only four of the botanicals being revealed. The fifth is a closely guarded secret, but makes for interesting drinking trying to guess what was used.

On the nose this is traditional, bright, fresh and juniper forward. This theme continues to the taste. Juniper is at the forefront, coriander and orris root add depth of character, and there’s sparks of citrus which adds balance and freshness. The finish is smooth, crisp and has a lingering finish. Rather than using a magnitude of different botanicals, Mark has focused on core set to create a quality gin, with the fifth adding a Two-Birds twist to proceedings. This isn’t looking to push the boundaries of gin innovation, instead it showcases craftsmanship, traditionalism, and the local area. Beyond the London Dry, Two Birds also offer an Old Tom, Cocktail Gin, Wood Aged-Sipping Gin, Sloe Gin and a seasonal Strawberry & Vanilla Gin.

Mark Gamble bought to life a dream that many gin enthusiasts harbor, to produce your own gin. Not only has he combined his love of engineering and gin in the process, but he’s also achieved the aim of bottling the British Countryside in a charming and respectable way.

Recommended Serve: Indian Tonic and a garnish of cucumber. 

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, orris root and citrus. The fifth and final botanical remains a secret. 

Two Birds London Dry

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