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Creating an amazing gin & tonic is now an art form in itself, from pairing your gin with the perfect mixer, to selecting the appropriate garnish that will amplify those existing flavours. This is why The Gin To My Tonic are delighted to be partnering with The Ice Co. and Super Cubes at The Gin To My Tonic Shows and Festivals in 2020.

What does this mean?

As an official partner, all of the bars at our events in 2020 will be stocked with The Ice Co’s Super Cubes. Their beautifully formed ice cubes keep your G&T super cold and, as the cubes are made from natural spring water and are extremely slow to melt, the natural flavours and fizz of your G&T are enhanced rather than diluted. It is this that makes their ice the ultimate addition to the perfect G&T.

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Pink Gin Cocktail And Super Cubes
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