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The Gin To My Tonic Awards 2023 Winners

We are delighted to reveal the winners of our first ever awards as voted by our passionate gin loving community

People's Choice Gin Awards Categories

After launching The Gin To My Tonic’s First EVER Gin Awards, we are delighted to be able to announce the 2023 WINNERS!

We have absolutely loved our award initiative, enabling us to engage with the gin drinking public in a fun and new way, whilst celebrating the hard graft and craft of some truly fabulous distillers. We are pleased to say that this will become an annual event and we hope that you continue to vote, explore new gins (and spirits) and support some exciting new award categories being introduced for 2024.

After all entries were shortlisted by our incredibly talented judges, we opened voting to our gin community and received OVER 10,000 public votes which played a huge part in determining our Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Winners.

So, without further ado, scroll down to see our 2023 WINNERS! 

Best London Dry Gin

Masons London Dry Gold

GOLD – Masons of Yorkshire Original London Dry 

This delicious London Dry Gin was shortlisted by our judging panel, they loved how the sweet floral notes were balanced by a liquorice spice.

The gin’s flavour profile is expertly balanced, with the juniper providing a firm foundation, while the citrus and spice complement and enhance the gin’s character. The finish is long and refreshing, featuring bright notes of orange and juniper that linger on the palate.

Congratulations to Masons of Yorkshire, and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – North Point Crosskirk Bay Gin

BRONZE – Long Dog Signature Gin

JUDGES CHOICE – Heart of Suffolk Ivy’s Gin

Crosskirk Bay Northpoint Ldg

SILVER – Northpoint Crosskirk Bay Gin

With punchy citrus, rich juniper, a hint of sweetness, and an amazing mouthfeel, this Gin provides a journey for the tastebuds with a smooth, refreshing finish.

Long Dog Ldg

BRONZE – Long Dog Gin

Neat on the nose, there’s lots of layered citrus, slight sweetness, touch of spice. On the palate, it’s got a gorgeous soft mouthfeel, despite the heavy citrus layers, they stick to the finish with a classic grapefruit bitterness, whilst up front is lots of light warming spice.

Heart Of Suffolk Ivy Ldg

JUDGES CHOICE- Heart of Suffolk Ivy’s Gin

Heart of Suffolk Ivy’s Gin is a tribute to the timeless London Dry Gin style, but with a unique twist that makes it perfect for cosy winter nights. The gin has a comforting and warming taste, with notes of clove and cranberry that add depth and complexity.

Best Flavoured Gin

GOLD – Mothers Ruin 1751 Cornish Pink Flamingo Gin 

This was shortlisted by our judges for the innovative flavours, pink gin but not as you know it! Strong juniper throughout which embraces a daring fusion of mulberries, raspberries, and pomegranates, meticulously selected for their exceptional quality.

The Gin To My Tonic love the uniqueness of this gin, where intricate floral notes intertwine with a lusciously sweet finish. As the sun graces a balmy summer’s day, the Cornish Pink Flamingo Gin stands ready to quench any thirst.

Congratulations to Mother’s Ruin 1751, and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – The Only Way Is Raspberry Pink Gin

BRONZE – Ellis No.5 Lemon Gin

JUDGES CHOICE – Mother’s Ruin 1751 Cornish Pink Flamingo Gin

The Oly Way Is Spirts Pink Fasbperry Bfg

SILVER – The Only Way is Spirits Pink Raspberry Gin

The Only Way Is Gin Raspberry Pink Gin is aromatic and refreshing, an infusion of raspberries grown in Essex with their super smooth, multi award-winning Signature Gin acting as the base. The result is a bold bite with sweet undertones that leaves your palate feeling refreshed.

Ellis No5 Bfg

BRONZE – Ellis No.5 Lemon Gin 

Ellis No.5 combines a traditional London Dry Gin with the refreshing taste of Lemons.  All ingredients are natural and has been described as Sunshine in a Glass. Mix with either Tonic and garnish with a sprig of Basil or with Bitter Lemon and slice of Lemon for an extra hit of citrus!

Best Distilled Gin

G&tea Great Earl Bdg

GOLD – G&Tea Great Earl Gin 

This Gin was shortlisted by our judges and is also the recipient of The Judges Choice award. They loved the notes of premium Ceylon tea with a symphony of vibrant flavours. The Bergamot shone through along with Lemon, the perfect partner to any Earl Grey. The unmistakeable cooling notes of Cornish Bay Leaves round off this refreshing gin, all with piney juniper running throughout the gin.

Congratulations to G&Tea and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Three Wrens Exquisite Citrus Gin

BRONZE – Chiron Premium CBD Gin

JUDGES CHOICE – G&Tea Great Earl Gin

Three Wrens Bdg

SILVER – Three Wrens Exquisite Citrus 

Separately distilling each of the hand dried citrus botanicals shows teir true passion! Kumquat, Pomelo, Jara lemon, Bergamot and Shikuwasa were all  distilled separately and then combined to create the punchy citrus flavour.

Finally the addition of Italian Juniper with a touch of Coriander, Orris and Angelica, then blend the distillate with the citrus.

Chiron Premium Cbd Bdg

BRONZE – Chiron Premium CBD Gin

5mg of CBD per 25ml measure. This harmonious infusion of botanicals and CBD elevates your gin experience to new heights, creating a truly unique and captivating sensory adventure.

This gin’s light and citrus-forward character pairs exceptionally well with tonics and mixers that delicately enhance its flavours. For an added touch of refinement, garnish your drink with a slice of grapefruit or lemon, further amplifying its exquisite taste.

Best Old Tom Gin

GOLD – Orkney Gin Company Rhubarb Old Tom

Shortlisted for its versatility, juicy rhubarb and warming vanilla making it the perfect gin for both Tonic and Ginger Ale. Our judges loved the sweet Rose and Citrus notes that complimented the earthy Juniper throughout the flavour journey.

Orkney Gin Co love to use traditional methods and ingredients from times past, with Rhubarb being a very popular botanical on Orkney, it was an obvious choice for them..

‘Old Tom’ is a style of gin, dating back to the 18th century, where the gin would be lightly sweetened, to give a smoother finish and Orkney have delivered! They were also the recipient of the Judges Choice Award, a true favourite Old Tom Gin all round!

Congratulations to Orkney Gin Company and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Mother’s Ruin 1751 Commander Fox Old Tom

BRONZE – Orkney Distilling Kirkjuvagr Beyla Gin

JUDGES CHOICE – Orkney Gin Company Rhubarb Old Tom

Orkeny Gin Co Otg
Commander Fox

SILVER – Mother Ruin 1751 Commander Fox Gin

A cracking Cornish gin, craftily produced with a cunning array of botanicals! Commander Fox is made with the likes of juniper, coriander, orange peel, and cloves, joined by fiery cinnamon, vanilla, allspice berries, cacao nibs, and hibiscus, imparting layers of intriguing character to the spirit.

Kirkjuvagr Beyla Gin

BRONZE – Orkney Distilling Kirkjuvagr Beyla Gin

‘Beyla’ in Norse mythology was the goddess of bees, with a strong connection to the earth. This Honey & Raspberry infused Old Tom embodies this mythology, with botanicals including juniper, angelica, ramanas rose, burnet rose, borage. Fresh Scottish raspberries have been added to bring extra fruitiness and colour, balanced by island honey.

Best Cask Aged Gin

GOLD – Henstone Oak Aged Rose Gin

Shortlisted by the judges for its sheer complexity, beautiful flavours and tasteful aging. This London Dry Gin distilled by Henstone Distillery uses a blend of traditional botanicals, with the maturation taking place in new American Oak Casks at 65% before bottling. The result imparts a subtle vanilla flavour and light golden hue, enriched by the gorgeous London Dry base running underneath. Bottled at 44.9%. ABV it truly captures it’s elements and leaves a long last impression.

Congratulations to Henstone Distillery and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Glaswegin Tequila Cask Aged Gin

BRONZE – Abingdon Distillery Single Malt Barrel Aged Gin 

JUDGES CHOICE – Henstone Oak Aged Rose Gin

Henstone Rose Gin
Glaswegin Tequila

SILVER – Glaswegin Tequila Cask Aged Gin

This extremely limited edition Glaswegin has been rested in a reposado tequila cask for a complex, earthy gin like no other. Delicately balanced to allow both spirits to shine, light juniper and citrus top notes lead to deep, sultry spice aromas.

Abingdon Single Malt Barrel Aged Gin

BRONZE – Abingdon Distillery Single Malt Barrel Aged Gin

Aged for 3 months in ex-whisky casks from Speyside, this gin has an increased level of sweetness, complexity & spice.

Best Hedgerow Gin

6 O'clock Sloe

GOLD – 6 O’clock Sloe Gin 

The Sloe gin is made in small batches using hand-picked, wild, hedgerow sloes. The intense fruit flavour of this traditional classic is achieved by using a high sloe to gin ratio, plenty of sugar, then patiently and slowly maturing for at least 6 months.

The high ‘sloe to gin’ ratio combined with this lengthy maturation process achieves a smooth, intensely rich and fruity flavour that retains some of that just-picked tartness that our judges loved enough to award 6 O’clock the coveted Judges Choice Award as well as being the publics favourite Hedgerow Gin!

Congratulations to 6 O’Clock, and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Elemental Winter Berry Gin

BRONZE – Berkshire Botanical Sloe Gin

JUDGES CHOICE – 6 O’Clock Sloe Gin

Processed With Vsco With U3 Preset

SILVER – Elemental Winter Berry Gin

Meticulously fashioned by infusing locally-sourced, handpicked blackberry and sloe fruits into their beloved dry recipe, this extraordinary creation showcases Elemental’s delicate harmony of spicy and citrus undertones, harmoniously enhanced by a luscious, full-bodied eruption of winterberries.

Berkshire Sloe

BRONZE – Berkshire Botanical Sloe Gin

Copper pot distilled and then gently infused with Sloe berries. Inspiration comes from the flora and the fauna on the Yattendon Estate. Bold, vibrant and fruity. The perfect tipple for cold winter months or add some bubbles or bitter lemon for summer!

Best Navy Strength Gin

GOLD – Colombo No.7 Navy Strength Gin

Colombo No. 7 Navy Gin is a hefty, throat-kicking spirit that utterly floods the mouth with bold, Juniper flavours at 57% it really packs a punch. With sweet Ginger, an extra helping of Curry Leaves and fire-hot Coriander, this is a must-try for fans of spiced gins. It was shortlisted for its floral flavour and long, spicy finish, specifically the subtle elements of lemon sherbet.

Congratulations Colombo No7 and to our Silver, Bronze & Judges Choice Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Jin Reaper Ferryman Gin

BRONZE – Rugby Distillery Navy Strength Gin

JUDGES CHOICE – Borders Distillery Kerr’s Navy Strength Gin

Bnsg Colombo Gold
Gin Reaper Navy

SILVER – Jin Reaper Ferryman Gin

This gin is an extension of Grim.  He’s passed his charge over to the Ferryman.  It’s strong.  It’s intense.  It’s deep and dark.  The final journey.

Enjoy with premium tonic and a slice of citrus, but please respect the high volume – you don’t want to see any of these characters in the flesh!

Rugby Navy

BRONZE – Rugby Distillery 1878 Navy Strength Gin

Rugby Distillery 1878 Navy Strength Gin mirrors their flagship London Dry which boasts an extraordinary depth of flavour thanks to the fusion of twelve botanicals. These include Juniper, Coriander, Orris Root, Cardamom, Angelica Root, Orange Peel, Cubeb, Chamomile, Liquorice, Grains of Paradise, Grapefruit Zest & Rosemary.

Best Gin & Tonic


GOLD – Giants Basalt Rock Gin 

At 50.1% ABV you just know you are in for a treat as soon as you pop open the bottle! There’s an initial wave of citrus, Juniper and coastal notes that set the scene perfectly on the nose. To taste, citrus bursting forth, followed by warm spices, Ginger and Cassia. These flavours give way to fresh sea inspired saltness, and if you were to taste this blind we would say it would be hard not to notice the coastal influences here.

This gin is impossibly complex, created with a long list of botanicals including Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena, Sea Buckthorn Berries, Kombu Royale, Tailed Peppers, Ginger, Buckwheat, Ginger and Cassia.

Distilling to Basalt is a blend of art and science, a balance of the rational and the emotive. They take their heritage and combine it with their understanding of the science of making gin.

Congratulations to Giant’s Basalt Rock Gin and to our Silver & Bronze Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Masons of Yorkshire Fruits of the Tropics Gin

BRONZE – Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin

Masons Tropical

SILVER – Masons of Yorkshire Fruits of the Tropics Gin

Masons has introduced a London Dry gin that is infused with the flavours of tropical fruits, aptly named “Fruits of the Tropics”. With a burst of fresh and juicy tropical fruits, this gin captures the essence of sunny beaches and clear blue seas in a single glass of gin and tonic.


BRONZE – Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin

Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin is Mousehall’s signature gin. This classically London Dry style gin “Sussex Dry” is produced from both grape and grain neutral spirit together with 13 different botanicals to create a perfectly balanced Juniper-forward Gin. A gin for gin lovers. Hints of fresh citrus, cardamom, English coriander seed and a special South African ingredient, Rooibos (Redbush tea) adding a floral element to this refreshing and zesty gin.

Best Martini

GOLD – Giant’s Basalt Rock Gin 

The Martini is as classic as cocktails get, the utmost sophistication in a glass, and we firmly agree with the public that Giants Basalt Rock Gin is the perfect spirit.

at 50.1%, this allows a greater transfer of flavours from distillation to product. After this premium gin has been meticulously created, it is left to rest for five weeks. This allows all the flavour compounds to come together and mellow, producing a perfectly balanced gin that’s ready to be enjoyed in any way you like.

Congratulations to Giant’s Basalt Rock Gin and to our Silver & Bronze Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin

BRONZE – Isle of Bute Oyster Gin

Giants Martini
Mousehall Martini

SILVER – Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin

Mousehall Sussex Dry Gin is unique as it is made from both Grape & Grain 96% neutral spirit. Grape Neutral Spirit is not commonly used, but it adds a level of complexity that isn’t commonly found in dry gin, making this a perfect gin for a martini.

Isle Of Bute Oyster

BRONZE – Isle of Bute Oyster Gin

The world’s first oyster gin. They charge their still with the shells of wild Scottish oysters to add a delicate maritime essence. When blended with citrus and other botanicals, this creates a savoury gin which is a perfect pair to seafood and the ideal base for a martini.

Best Negroni

Bneg Utazo Gold

GOLD – Utazo Moroccan Spiced Gin 

The Utazo Moroccan Gin tantalizes the taste buds with its unique blend of travel inspired botanicals. Pepper and ginger flavours, complemented by subtle undertones of nectarine, pomegranate, and citrus.

Thanks to the spices used, they pair beautifully with bitter Campari and sweet vermouth to make an exotic, well balanced Negroni.

Congratulations to Utazo and to our Silver & Bronze Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Isle of Bute Heather Gin

BRONZE – Northpoint Distillery Crosskirk Bay Gin

Isle Of Bute Heather

SILVER – Isle of Bute Heather Gin

This Pink gin from Isle of Bute is beautifully balanced with the bright sweetness of pink grapefruit, this creates a subtly sweet and citrus finish, that sweet citrus compliments the bitter Campari.

Crosskirk Bay Northpoint Ldg

BRONZE – Northpoint Distillery Crosskirk Bay Gin

With the complex and piney juniper, with salty notes of the ocean, this gin creates a delicious savoury negroni to be enjoyed at any time of year!

Best Bottle Design

GOLD – Giants Basalt Rock Gin

The inspiration for the Giants Basalt Rock Gin is tens of millions of years old, the layers of basalt rock, violently forged from the molten core of the earth.

On the north coast of Northern Ireland lies the iconic Giant’s Causeway. It’s this 60- million-year-old miracle of geology that helps filter and purify the water they draw from their own 600ft well. The iconic hexagonal bottles pays homage to the rich history of their Distillery’s location.

Congratulations to Giant’s Basalt Rock Gin and to our Silver & Bronze Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Hentony Gin

BRONZE – Jarrold’s London Dry Gin


SILVER – Hentony Gin

This gorgeous, sophisticated bottle looks like sheer crystal and when the light hits it just right, your room is transformed into a star studded wonderland, a worthy Silver placement.

Jarrolds Bottle

BRONZE – Jarrold’s London Dry  Gin

Colours that resemble a stained glass window, this beautiful bottle takes its inspiration from Nicola and Jamie’s years of travelling the world as part of the oil industry.

Best Sustainable Distillery

Screenshot 2023 11 28 162611

GOLD – Mother’s Ruin 1751

Craig and his team have won Gold in our Sustainability Award, they are a plastic free, eco friendly company who are making waves in the spirits industry.

Every time you purchase a bottle, you have the chance to grab yourself a 70cl refill pouch to top up your bottle for life. Meaning that you only purchase one glass bottle, saving on recycling.

Once your bottle is refilled, you can put the refill pouch directly into a post box, NO Stamp and NO Envelope needed, it will make its way back to them! A Mother’s Ruin bottle is a bottle for life!

Congratulations to Mother’s Ruin 1751  and to our Silver & Bronze Winners highlighted below:

SILVER – Inventors Gin

BRONZE – Northpoint Distillery

Inventors Gin

SILVER – Inventor’s Gin

All of the energy used my Inventor’s gin is from 100% renewable sources, they created a closed loop cooling system, so that when they use their condenser, they aren’t wasting water, event their corks are made from the Cork Oak Tree, 100% natural!

156849613 226218009197927 5547177210361818103 N

BRONZE – Northpoint Distillery

Here you can see the Northpoint team, in front of the renewable energy that our Distillery is powered by. All their bottles are made from recycled glass with natural corks.

Distillery of the Year - Dunnet Bay Distillery

Dunnet Bay Distillery – Creators of Rock Rose Gin, Holy Grass Vodka and Mapmakers Rum

Martin & Claire from Dunnet Bay Distillery have been supporters of The Gin To My Tonic for a very long time, with a range of delicious and highly coveted gins, plus releasing a Rum into our 2023 VIP Rum Club. They are a firm favourite within our Festival and Shows, so it seemed fitting that out of 10,000 voters, they came out on top! Congratulations Dunnet Bay Team!

RUNNER UP: Masons Of Yorkshire

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Berkshire Botanical

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Locksley Distilling

Martin And Claire 2

The Gin To My Tonic Newcomer Bursary Award


Basalt Distillery

For Basalt Distillery the Giant’s Causeway, located in the Northern Ireland is at the heart of everything they do. This newly opened distillery sees their bottle, liquid and story all deeply rooted in the hexagonal shaped rocks formed millions of years ago. Distilling to Basalt is a blend of art and science, a balance of the rational and the emotive. They take their heritage and combine it with their understanding of the science of making gin.

The Newcomer Bursary Award means that Giants will be the recipient of marketing and event support from The Gin To My Tonic throughout all of 2024, so if you attend our Shows and Festivals, you will be seeing a lot more of the team behind Giants Basalt Rock Gin! Congratulations James & Martha!

RUNNER UP: Mother’s Ruin 1751 Distilling.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Henley Distillery


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