Pinkster Gin On Tap – Bag in Box Launch.

From Glastonbury to Glyndebourne, Pinkster Gin are preparing to take summer festivals by storm with Pinkster on Tap. Bag-in-boxes have been enjoying a renaissance in the wine world and it seems like gin distilleries have taken note. This versatile offering is a new way of enjoying your Gin & Tonics, and is the perfect solution at events where glass is frowned upon or banned.

Pinkster On Tap

Pinkster Gin Review.

Created by Stephen Marsh in Cambridgeshire, Pinkster Gin was born because wine and beer no longer agreed with him. Having been a maker of sloe liqueurs and other alcoholic delights, he turned his attention to spirits and experimenting with assorted fruits. The intention was never to create a pink drink but having explored the fruit bowl and beyond it was decided that Raspberries delivered the best flavour.

To make Pinkster Gin a base spirit is used containing five botanicals including juniper, this is then macerated with a further three botanicals including fresh raspberries.

On the nose this is fresh and soft with subtle raspberry and juniper. To taste it has gentle sweetness and fruity appeal accompanied by subtle spice. Whilst on the finish it’s dry with fresh raspberries and refreshing mint coming through. This is a refined blend and certainly not your typical fruity gin.

Botanicals: Eight including juniper and raspberries

Recommended Serve: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and a garnish of raspberries and mint. 

Tip: With fruit orientated gins we often lean towards a Light Tonic to allow the flavours to shine, however  the quinine level of Indian Tonic really works with the bitter, dry and light flavour profile that Pinkster provides. 


Pinkster Gin

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