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In the Spotlight: Mirabeau Rosé Gin

Wine meets gin with this fantastic hand crafted dry gin hailing from France

Transport yourself to the sun soaked terraces of Provence as the team behind Britain’s most loved Rosé bring you their newest creation – Mirabeau Rosé Gin.

Ten years ago, husband and wife Stephen and Jeany Cronk made the decision to leave the leafy suburbs of South London in exchange for the blue skies and sunshine of Cotignac, in Provence. With three young children in tow and barely a word of French between them, the duo held hands and leapt into the unknown with big ambitions to make a world-class rosé wine. Soon after, Mirabeau was born.

The focus at Mirabeau is on making delectable, dry pink wines that are a perfect partner to a vast assortment of foods and that are diverse enough to be served at any occasion. Over the years, the team have introduced new wines into their range to meet the changing needs of consumers; in particular, their Rosé canettes and Lower Alcohol Vegan Wine. Most recently, Mirabeau delved into the wonderful world of gin and launched their beautiful dry Rosé Gin with accent botanicals from Provence.

Mirabeau Rose Gin taken by the gin to my tonic with a perfect serve in copa glass

Stephen and Jeany had been wanting to create a gin for a while, but the real impetus came when they partially de-alcoholised their ‘Forever Summer’ wine to make a lighter style of rosé and harvested somedelicious alcohol with a whiff of rosé in the process. With Provence being the capital of the worlds perfume trade and being surrounded by beautiful botanicals, the team took inspiration from the region to create a dry, juniper-led gin true to its Provençal roots as well as the Mirabeau brand and lifestyle.

Mirabeau Team Meeting Domaine (48)
Mirabeau Gin

Distilled in a traditional copper still, the gin is created through the maceration of seven core botanicals: Juniper, Coriander Seed, Lemon (Citron de Menton) peel, Orris and Angelica Roots, Thyme and Rosemary. This part of the process lasts for 24 hours and uses a grape-based Neutral Spirit diluted down from 96.3% to 70%. The macerate is then diluted to 50% and some of their fabulous Provence Rosé Wine is added before it is distilled. The team also suspend a basket of five more botanicals: Lemon (Citron de Menton) Zest, Rose Petals (Rose de Mai), Jasmine Tea leaves, Lavender and Bay Leaves and capture these flavours through vapour infusion. These particular botanicals are so delicate that a full maceration would overpower their flavours and aromas, so this process allows them to capture their botanical charms and enrich their blend. This part of the process takes a further  6 hours and the distillate is then left to rest for several weeks before it is given its signature rosé colour and bottled. It’s a London Dry right up until the point it is coloured.


To drink this is a classic dry gin with the flavours of Provence shinning brightly. Juniper led with layers of citrus, floral perfume, herbal and earthy tones come together on the roundness of a grape base. Lemons and Coriander add layers of fresh citrus character. Orris and Angelica roots impart floral and earthy tones respectively. Rose Petals, Lavender and Jasmine are used sparingly to bring a variety of floral tones. Finally, Bay, Thyme and Rosemary add a finely balanced herbaceous character to the blend. The various components bring a softness to a classic core, making this gin round enough to be sipped alone, yet flavourful enough to be mixed, resulting in a mighty fine G&T and cocktail. From the bottle, to the blend, to the taste, this really is a classy number and the perfect combination of two fantastic tipples bottled at 43% ABV.

Mirabeau have partnered with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic to create their signature Mirabeau Rosé Gin and Tonic, garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

Mirabeau Floral Gin And Tonic

Perfect Serve?

“We really love the Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic as it has a bitter profile and is a beautiful pink. Add a slice of lemon and stir with a twig of rosemary for a real taste of the South of France in a glass. You can also make a delicious cocktail with some fresh pink grapefruit juice, topped up with some ‘La Folie’ – the sparkling pink in our range”



Biggest Achievement So Far?

“We are incredibly proud of our Gin and have been overwhelmed by the support and recognition it has received along the way, including winning a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards and at the San Francisco Spirit Awards. Not to mention the wonderful comments and support from our loyal Mirabeau fans”

Mirabeau Rose Gin

Unique Selling Points In 3 Words?

Provence in a Glass (3 and a bit!)


Mirabeau Gin Cocktail (1)

Exciting Plans For The Future?

“We are always planning and working on new products to meet the needs and desires of our Mirabeau Fans. Certainly for the time being we are working on creating the perfect serve of our Gin and Tonic in a can to join our Prêt-à-Porter little Rosé canettes”

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