Have you discovered Merchant’s Heart range of “Spirit Enhancers”? Crafted with flavour combinations that enhance and contrast with characteristics of different gins (and other spirits) the range has something for everyone.

The Gin To My Tonic have had the pleasure of using Merchant’s Heart within various events and there’s real excitement from gin drinkers old and new when presented with them. Aesthetically the range looks superb – super classy with a funky edge – and the range of flavours means that as a complete range it’s easy to adopt. There’s an air of exclusivity with Merchant’s Heart that gin drinkers also seem to appreciate. In the early Fever-Tree days you often felt like you were part of an exclusive gin drinking club if you used one of their mixers, and Merchant’s Heart really taps into this vibe.

To give you a little background information, Merchant’s Heart is owned by Japanese company Suntory. The name Merchant’s Heart makes reference to Suntory founder Shinjiro Tori. Established in 1899, Shinjiro wanted all his employees to remember that no matter the success or whatever the obstacles that came their way, they must never forget their Merchant’s Heart. This is; you must be obsessive about quality, listen to feedback and believe in yourself and your work.

Beyond the name, Bikan Yuso is also extremely important. You would be forgiven in thinking this was some fantastic new mixer ingredient, but instead it’s their ethos which embodies a sense of beauty and playful imagination. This translates into every aspect of the brand, from design, taste and the drinking experience as a whole.

So what variants do Merchant’s Heart offer? The Gin To My Tonic have pulled together a helpful list along with some potential pairings for you to consider:

Classic Tonic: Merchant’s Heart’s version of an Indian Tonic. Strong bitter quinine with a light citrus finish. This pairs well with all gins, but particular juniper led or London Dry gins.

Light Tonic: Reduced level of quinine with a light citrus finish. This pairs well with all gins, but particularly gins with a fruity or experimental flavour profiles.

Pink Peppercorn: Rich bitterness of quinine that leads into the soft fruity spice of pink peppercorn with a lingering spice. One of our personal favourites, it pairs beautifully with Martin Millers, Curio, Esker and Pink Pepper Gin. The spice is subtle, still allowing the gin to shine.

Floral Aromatics: A lighter, more fruit driven quinine bitterness. This works beautifully with Pothecary Gin.

Lemon: A round, sweet lemon flavour with a long and lingering fresh citrus finish. We love the lemon our sloe or damson gins. 6 O’Clock are worth considering as a gin partner here.

Ginger Ale: Fresh ginger is found throughout. Lingering heat on the finish. Try it with Ableforth’s Bathtub, Poetic License Old Tom, Orkney Gin Mikkelmas and Opihr.

Hibiscus: Lighter and brighter due to lower quinine level. Rich fruit and bitter quinine on the front, lingering sweetness on the finish. A gin fan favourite, try it with Kokoro and Marlyebone.

It’s easy to stick with your trusty favourites when choosing a mixer but we urge you to give Merchant’s Heart a try. Suntory is a business that has been built on creating new drinking cultures across the globe, and their range of Merchant’s Heart flavours showcase their abilities and vision fabulously. To accompany your ever growing collection of gin, don’t forget to grow your tonic selection at the same time. Variety is the spice of life, and experimenting with flavour is all part of the gin journey.

For further information visit www.merchantsheart.co.uk or follow them on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/merchantsheart

Instagram: www.instagram.com/merchantsheart

Twitter: www.twitter.com/merchantsheart

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